You can’t make a house of cards with an iPad

house-of-cardsPapa Joe and Daisy (age4)  have great fun playing simple card games.
He started with a Happy Family set and played matching games  It works equally well with normal playing cards and is good for learning numbers.

They also play snap.  Now I must admit it took a few goes before Daisy got the idea of shouting out snap but she finally got the idea.

I know that there are all sorts of similar electronic games but using real cards is a lot of fun and when you get bored with playing the game it is equally good fun to try to build a house of cards. Our only problem is when little sister Sky (age 20 months) wants to knock the cards down.

A pack of cards, whether traditional playing cards or picture cards, are always useful to have in the house and it is a great way to play and interact with the grandchildren.


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