Yeominis Start Gardening Carry Bag Kit – Review

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The first time my granddaughter and I tried to plant a herb garden we both ended up rather wet!

I learnt the hard way how difficult using a watering can is for a two year old.  She was keen to help me but all my gardening tools were too big for her small hands to use.

With fortuitous timing, the kind people at Yeominis sent me their ‘Start Gardening Carry Bag Kit’ to review. Yeominis specialise in outdoor fun for mini gardeners and make a whole range of tools and clothes just right to for children.

The moment Abbie saw the kit she was entranced.  With cries of “pretty bag, Abbie carry” she immediately strode down the garden and could not wait to fill the miniature watering can and use it.

yeomini start bag 1

I was impressed as well.  The bag is made of strong brightly coloured materials, which will appeal to boys and girls alike. The handles are placed so that they are easy for little hands to grip.   With the Gardening Carry Bag came a miniature watering can, and three lightweight hand tools, a trowel, rake and fork.  These tools fit neatly into the outer pockets of the bag.

yeomini start bag 5

The size of the tools was just right for a toddler to manage, and Abbie was soon busy planting.

yeomini start bag 2

yeomini start bag 3


We decided to buy some more plants and went to Burston, our local garden centre, with the carry bag kit tightly clutched in Abbie’s hand.  As we looked for plants, we passed a large stand with other Yeominis products for young gardeners. The range even included a small wheelbarrow.


Abbie chose her plants, and we rushed back to finish our planting.


The Yeominis range is available at many garden centres, or from Amazon.  Try a Google search on yeominis.

The ‘Start Gardening Carry Bag Kit’ retails for around £14.

Papa & Mayhem was given a Start Gardening Carry Bag Kit for review by Yeominis.  I was not paid for this review and the opinion is all mine.



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    That looks fab! What a great idea for a present

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