Water Babies

papa and girls swimmingOur girls were certainly water babies as you can see from this picture of Papa Joe and our two daughters.

We love taking our grandchildren swimming too.  If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, here are some tips to consider:

* Where to swim
A shallow, warm pool is ideal for babies and toddlers -and for Grandma Jacqui!. Many local leisure centres have teaching pools, although these are often used for lessons so you’ll need to keep an eye on the timetable to see when it is available.  If you belong to a gym they may have a nice warm pool, but make sure that you check in advance whether they allow little ones in there.

* What to dress them in
If they are not yet toilet trained, you’ll need to swap their regular nappy for a disposable swim nappy.  These are designed to absorb anything that you wouldn’t want to find in the pool, without swelling up in size.

Some baby swim schools ask for youngsters to wear a neoprene ‘Happy Nappy’ on top of these, doubling the protection.


Once the nappy situation is dealt with, they will need some kind of swimming costume.  If you’re happy with the temperature, then just buy a regular swimsuit.  If you’re worried about them getting cold, you can buy neoprene wetsuits to give them an extra layer of warmth. If you are going to be out in the sunshine, then a full length UV protective sunsuit is ideal, including a hat that covers their neck.


* Getting changed

Dressing an eager toddler while you are both soaking wet can be the least enjoyable part of the experience!  If you are going swimming as a family, remember that the changing areas may be single sex so you might need to negotiate on who is going to do the actual changing.  Some will have family areas, and even better, some will have baby seats and even playpens in the changing rooms.  Toddler sized dressing gowns can also come in handy, so that you can get ready quickly while they run around.

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