Quiz Walk : The Historic City Of Winchester

A walk around the historic City of Winchester.  About 1 ¼ miles
Buggy friendly – plenty of cafes and restaurants on the route.

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 Download a pdf of the walk

Start outside The City Mill (National Trust) on the bridge over The River Itchen (1)

1.   What Date was the City Mill rebuilt?

Cross the road to the other side of the bridge and turn right. Walk along the High Street towards the large roundabout with the statue of King Alfred beside it. Just after you cross Colebrook Street there are some alms houses. (2)

2.   Which Saint is associated with these almshouses?

Look at the large statute of King Alfred

3.   What is he holding in his right hand?

Look at the gates of Abbey Gardens

4.   How many castles are guarded by the 2 lions?

Walk past the Victorian Guildhall (Winchester’s Town Hall).

5.   What type of school is next to the Guildhall?  (clue look above a doorway next to The Guildhall)

6.   What colour cross is on the blue shield?

Cross Colebrook Street and enter the Pedestrian Zoned section of the High Street. Be careful as buses go along here as well as cars after 3pm. (3)

7.   What is the name of the Gospel Hall on the corner of Colebrook Street and The High Street?

Opposite the Gospel Hall is a little alley called Cross Keys Passage. Walk along it to see the how medieval buildings overhang the passage.

Return to the High Street and continue walking along the pedestrian precinct to The Prentice, a row of shops with a covered walkway which originate from the 16th Century.

As you walk look out for the large trade shop signs hanging out over the street.

Look for the large black and white Tudor timber beamed buildings on the left hand side. One of the largest (Boots) is actually a 19th Century imitation (4)

8.   On this building are statues of four Bishops of Winchester, The first three are Aethelwold , Walkelin , and Wykeham.  What is the name of the fourth bishop?

Look at the coat of arms on the corner of Parchment Street and the High Street

9.   What are the two lions standing up on?

Continue to the large ornate stone ‘High Cross’ or’ Butter Cross’ with its statues of kings and saints carved on it.

Turn left through the covered passageway just past the cross. There is an information plaque on the wall.

10. Whose palace once stood here?

Walk through the passage way and into Little Minster Street. .(5) If you have time pay a visit to The City Museum on your left

Cross to the green and look at the metal interactive light column.

11. What number do you have to send a text to the interactive light column in order to change the colours?

Walk across the green to the cathedral and look at the information boards

12. Which saint is buried in the cathedral?

Go to the right of the Cathedral and follow the green signs to College, Wolvesey Castle and Water Meadows, turning left at the wall, and walking alongside the Cathedral to the Cathedral Close. (6)

winchester routeContinue following the green signs which will lead you a small road running alongside the Tudor Pilgrim Hall. Walk towards the large brown Tudor beamed building and turn right, passing through a small exit into Kingsgate (7)

Turn left and walk through the stone archway. Turn left into College Street (8)

13. Which famous authoress lived in a house on the right side of College Street?

14. Whose office is found at the large blue double doors

Walk to the end of College Street passing the barrier to the ruined outer wall of Wolvesey Castle.

15. Whose palace was Wolvesey Castle

16. What does the name Wolvesey mean?

Follow the footpath along the castle wall which leads to The River Itchen. Bear left along the path by the river.

17. What is the name of the Almshouses built by the river

Look for the remains of the original Roman wall just to the right of the Almshouses. (9)

18. When was it completed?

Continue along the path to the bridge by The City Mill

Papa’s Facts
Did You Know That:

 King Alfred the Great (reigned 871–899) made Winchester his capital

The “Butter Cross”, was erected in the 1400’s and marks the place where the women sold their butter.

Winchester Cathedral is the longest cathedral in Europe

St. Swithun was an Anglo-Saxon bishop of Winchester

Jane Austen died in Winchester on 18 July 1817 and is buried in the cathedral.

Winchester College was founded in 1382 by William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester.


1) 1744  2) St John   3) Sword    4) 5 Castles 
5) Art School  6) White 7) The Welcome  8) Fox
9)Sailing ships 10) William The Conqueror  11) 07980 732147  12) St Swithun
13) Jane Austin 14) Headmaster   15) The Bishops of Winchester 16) Wulf’s Island 
17) Mary Magdalen 18) 3rd Century AD

Getting There Winchester City Mill Bridge St, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 0EJ 
nearby long term car park Chesil Street SO23 0HU – there is also a park and ride scheme 
Google see map or get directions

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