Quiz Walk : Bournemouth’s Winter Gardens

A delightful walk about 1¼  mile long through the Middle and Lower Winter Gardens.  Take your time, play crazy golf, have a ride in the balloon or stroll along the pier.
Buggy friendly – Lots of cafes and restaurants on the route.bournemouth winter gardens quiz walk 3

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Start outside the entrance to The Bournemouth Tourist Information Centre.(1)

Cross Westover Road at the traffic lights and go into the Victorian Arcade you can see opposite. (2)

Walk through The Arcade.

1.   What type of importer was at shop number 7 on the left side of The Arcade?

As you leave The Arcade, look for the plaque just above the exit

2.   Who built The Bournemouth Arcade?

Look at the building opposite The Arcade (3)

3.   This building was once Bournemouth’s Town Hall. What date was it built?

Turn left and walk down the pedestrian precinct (4) to ‘The Square’ with the large ‘Obscura Café’ in the centre.

4.   What is on top of the clock at ‘The Obscura Café’

Go across ‘The Square’, keeping to the right of ‘The Obscura Café’ and walk towards the Tesco Metro supermarket.

Cross the road – Bourne Avenue – by Tesco (5) and walk down the path into the Central Gardens .

5.   How far is it to Coy Pond via the Gardens?

Trees have been planted in the grass area to commemorate special events.

6.   When was King George V and Queen Mary’s Silver Jubilee?

7.   When was Prince Andrew born?

Carry on to the large war memorial with the lions (6). Look at the information board nearby

8.   What type of Redwoods are grown in the gardens?

9.   How many lions guard the memorial?

10. Who was the architect of the memorial? (clue look at the back of the memorial)

Retrace your steps back  to the path with a covered pergola (arch with plants) (7)

11. What year was Bournemouth’s centenary?

Walk through the pergola, crossing The River Bourne and turn left to walk back to ‘The Square’.

After leaving the gardens, cross the road (towards Debenhams).

Turn left and walk towards the centre of ‘The Square’ opposite ‘Café Obscura’.  Head for the crossing which leads to The Lower Winter Gardens (8)

12. How many eyes are on the green pedestrian LOOK BOTH WAYS sign?

Cross the road and follow the path through The Lower Winter Gardens, walking past the Bournemouth Balloon on your left to the mini golf. (9)

13. The balloon has spectacular views for up to ___?__ miles

14. What type of hill is at mini golf hole number 3?

After the mini golf follow the right branch of the path which will lead you under the road to the pier approach. (10) Walk towards the Pier passing on the right hand side of the building with cafes, shops and amusements in front of the pier.

Look at the resort information board.

15. How far is it to the First Aid Point?

16. What type of flag indicates the surf board and water craft zone?

Walk to the pier entrance

17. Why is the pier decking not suitable for high heels?

If you have time, walk onto the pier (11) otherwise continue back under the road towards the lower winter gardens.

18. How far is it to Boscombe Pier?

Enter the gardens and take the right hand path that skirts by the pavilion. Cross The River Bourne and keep following the path up a slight incline. (12)  You will see a tall 12 metre high free-standing neon light tower on the left.

19. What is this light tower called?

Continue through the aviary. (13)

20. What is the name of the taxi firm who donate money to the aviary?

The path through the open-air art gallery leads you back to the starting point.

Papa’s Facts

Did You Know That:

bournemouth winter gardensThe Town Hall opposite the war memorial was originally the Mont Dore Hotel.

The Bourne River flows for approximately 7km from the outskirts of Canford Heath in Poole to the pier.

In Thomas Hardy’s book ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ the fictional  town of Sandbourne is Bournemouth.

The Undercliff Drive was opened in 1907.

Most of the birds in the Aviary are rescued, or have been born there.



1 ) Cigar 2 ) Henry Joy 3 ) 1875   4 ) Fish 
5 ) 1 ½  miles 6 ) May 6th 1935      7 ) 19th February 1960  8 ) Dawn Redwoods   
9 ) 2     10) A Edwd Shervey 11) 1990  12) 4      
13) 20 miles 14) Twisty   15) 90 metres 16) black and white  
17) There are small gaps  18) 2300 m  19) Spectra     20) United Taxis


Getting There The Bournemouth Tourist Information Centre 
Westover Road Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 2BU
Google see map or get directions

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