Quiz Walk : Historic Rotherhithe and The Thames Path

2 miles long, with fantastic views across the Thames to The City of London and Canary Wharf
Buggy friendly- one short flight of steps that can be avoided 

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 Download a pdf of the walk

Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing outside Bermondsey Underground Station and turn right (1)

Walk along Jamaica Road, go past the bus stop and turn left into Marigold Street

1)    The housing estate you pass is named after a famous author. Who was he?

Walk along Marigold Street, cross Bermondsey Wall East and walk up the short path to the River Thames. (2)
Look along The Thames to your left. There is a spectacular view of Tower Bridge and buildings in the City of London

Turn right and walk alongside the river on The Thames Path

2)    The Thames Path is part of The Jubilee _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ (look for the markers in the pavement along the path)

3)    Which company use ‘Cherry Gardens Pier’ for their boats?

Follow The Thames Path, where buildings block access to the river walk along Bermondsey Wall East until you reach The Angel Pub (3)

4)    When was The Angel Pub rebuilt?

5)    Which King built a Manor House here?

Continue along the footpath in front of the pub following signs to Rotherhithe Village. Go into Kings Stairs Gardens

6)    Who unveiled a new memorial stone for The Queen’s 25th Jubilee in King’s Stairs Gardens?

Keep following the Thames Path as it goes along Rotherhithe Street toward the Brunel Museum (4) looking for the answers to these question on your way.

7)    What was The Mayflower Pub originally called?

8)    How far is The Mayflower from London Bridge?

9)    There is a model train on the seat outside The Brunel Museum. How many carriages has it got?

Continue along Rotherhithe Street, and follow The Thames Path left to Cumberland Wharf (opposite Swan Road) (5)

10) What comic is the boy in the statue at Cumberland Wharf reading?

Carry on to the circular brick building, an air shaft for The Rotherhithe Tunnel, and large red bascule swing bridge.(6)

11) What number shaft is the circular building?

12) What is the height limit for the swing bridge?

Do not cross the bridge but turn right and walk alongside the lock which leads to Surrey Water

Turn right into Salter Road and walk past the large Gas Holder to another air shaft for The Rotherhithe Tunnel (7)

13) Who opened the tunnel in 1908?

Continue to The Adam and Eve Pub, turn right into Swan Road and continue until you reach the end of the road.

14) Which Brewery Company used to own The Adam and Eve pub?

15) What colour feet does the swan on the mosaic on Winchelsea House have?

16) What date was Charles Hay and Son Ltd established? (Look for the large blue gates)

Turn left into Rotherhithe Street.  Turn left just before The Brunel Museum into Kenning Street.

Walk behind the museum on the small footpath and into Tunnel Road and continue into St Marychurch Street (8)

17) What colour coat and dress do the 2 children going to the free school wear?

18) What date was St Mary Rotherhithe Watch-house built?

If you have time visit The Church of St Mary The Virgin. A church has been here since 1282 and there are still medieval remains of the building here and some very interesting memorials.

Continue along St Marychurch Street until The Ship pub and then take the alleyway leading to King Steps Gardens. There is a small playground to the right of the path. Continue straight across the gardens into Paradise Street.(9)

19) What sort of Angels can be found at the catholic church of St Peter?

Walk to the junction with West Street and then turn left.

20) What is the missing word on the war memorial?

‘When you go home tell them of us and say for your tomorrow we gave them our _  _  _  _  _’

At the main road, Jamaica Road, turn right and walk back to Bermondsey Station

Papa’s Facts
Did You Know That:

thames path view rotherhitheThe Thames Path follows the River Thames from its source near Kemble in Gloucestershire to the Thames Barrier at Charlton. It is about 184 miles (296 km) long.

The Angel pub dates back to the 14th Century and was originally called The Salutation. Monks from Bermondsey Abbey brewed beer there and sold it to pilgrims.

The Mayflower was fitted out in Rotherhithe and left for Southampton in July 1620 to join The Speedwell and take The Pilgrim Fathers to the New World.

The Thames Tunnel opened in 1843. On its opening day 50,000 people walked through the tunnel paying a penny each.

A bascule bridge has a counterweight at one end that balances the span as it swings upward to allow boats through.

The watch house was used to prevent grave robbers from digging up bodies from St Mary’s church yard.


1) Dickens           2) Greenway            3) City Cruises            4) 1837           5) King Edward III

6) Earl & Countess of Wessex         7) Spread Eagle            8) 2 miles           9) 3 carriages

10) Sunbeam Weekly           11) Shaft  2            12) 16’ 3’’           13) Prince of Wales

14) Wenlock Brewery Co           15) Blue feet           16) 1789           17) Blue            18) 1821

19) Guardian Angels               20) today

Getting There Bermondsey Underground Station Jamaica Road
  Bermondsey is a step-free station. Street level to platform can be done by lift and ramps 
Google see map or get directions

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