Utah’s Mighty Five

Recently we went to a travel exhibition to get some good ideas of where to take the grandchildren. We met some great people including Joyce from the Convention and Tourism Office in St George, Utah.

Now Joyce knows a thing or two about grandchildren as she has 10!

She was able to tell us about great things to do with kids in Utah.

She showed us some great pictures of her grandchildren. Once they are about five years old she takes them on the Utah Mighty 5 challenge. The idea is to take a photo of yourself at each of the 5 USA National Parks that are in Utah. You may also like to look at some of the photographs that people have added on the Visit Utah Facebook page.

zionPapa Joe and I visited these parks a few months ago, and were enchanted by them. We can’t decide which was our favourite, so we are going to visit them all again next  year to see if we can decide which one is the best.

Unfortunately we can’t take any grandchildren as we are going in term time so this will give us a good excuse to come back a third time during school holidays!!!

The 5 National Parks in Utah are:-

Arches National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park
Canyonlands National Park
Capitol Reef National Park
Zion National Park

You can find more information, routes and itineraries here.

bryce canyon


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