USS Lexington – experience life on an aircraft carrier

Papa Joe and I were on our road trip driving along the Texas Gulf Coast when we visited The USS Lexington, a decommissioned aircraft carrier. The ship was built during WWII and now has a new lease of life as naval aviation museum.

There is a lot to see and we spent several hours exploring the bridge, lower decks, flight deck and aircraft.

uss lexington  flight deck

The flight deck covers more than two acres – 14 basket ball courts!

There are 5 excellent self guided tours around the ship and there is plenty to explore so allow several hours. Try to arrive early and dress comfortably as the ship can be hot. If you have a buggy or stroller you may find some areas difficult to navigate – The Lexington was a complex fighting ship and was designed for life at sea.

uss lexington  below decks

Narrow passages and steep stairs may limit your access to the lower decks

There is a lift to the Flight Deck from the Hanger Deck (entrance level) so you can wander around the aircraft and see the anti-aircraft guns.

uss lexington  navigation bridge 1

Tour 1 – Flight Deck and Navigation Bridge

Of course I had to have a go on the anti-aircraft gun but I only managed to get some pelicans in my sights!

uss lexington anti aircraft gun

The main Hanger Deck also has aircraft to view, a large 3D cinema and a flight simulator as well as a cafe and shop.

uss lexington hanger deck

WWII aircraft on The Hanger Deck

Suitable for 6+

Where: 2914 N. Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, Texas 78403 
Admission: Entrance Fee – under 4 free – concessions – look for discount voucher on the website
Website: www.usslexington.com

Papa Joe loved wandering around the aircraft and looking at the engine room and all the controls throughout the ship.

uss lexington controls

Which handle should we turn!

While Papa Joe was enthusing over the mechanical displays I enjoyed seeing how the crew lived and worked. The Lexington was the first carrier to have women serving on board and you can see their quarters.

uss lexington bunk

With a crew of nearly 3500 sailors and aircrew the ship had to have all the same services as a small town. As you wander below decks you will see how normal life carried on.

uss lexington operating theatre

Operating Theatre

uss lexington kitchen

As you follow the tours you will also find areas that have been set up as general exhibitions about the second world war, such as The Pearl Harbour Exhibit and The POW Exhibit.

uss lexington pearl harbour telex

Attack on Pearl Harbour Dec 7 1941 (The Lexington came into service in 1943)


Getting There 2914 N. Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, Texas 78403  – Latitude: 27.8149     Longitude: 97.38867
- all day parking available for a fee  
Google see map or get directions

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