Useful Equipment

These are items that we have found useful when our grandchildren have come to visit

For Babies and Toddlers
Microwave steriliser and bottles and teats.  A good idea to buy the same make and type as the parents use.
Spare dummies if appropriate
Baby Medicines and high  factor sunscreen
Thermometer – we like the ear thermometers
A spare Babygro
Baby wipes and nappy sacks
Packet of nappies
Changing mat
Potty and toilet seat as they get older
Travel Cot and travel cot sheets – travel cot blackout
Folding High Chair or a travelling Booster Seat ( We use a plastic folding seat, our daughter uses a cloth On The Go Baby Polar Seat)
Plastic drinking mugs, cutlery and plates – Pound shops are a good source.
Plastic table cloth to put under high chairs and cover tables – Pound shops usually have something
Child car seat that fits your car
Stair gate
Safety Locks
Toys and books

Nice to have but not essential
Baby Alarm
Baby bath – (I use ours for water or sand play in the garden when they are toddlers)
Childs table and chair
Play mat
light weight push chair and muff


For Older Children
Car booster seat

Craft items- playdoh, paints, sticker books
favourite DVD

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