Unusual Israel

Where in the world can you find the following places to take The Mayhems which are all within 60 miles of each other?

a museum dedicated to Japanese Art

a wonderful collection of Salvador Dali’s bronzes

hot springs to swim in complete with alligators!

alligators at hamat gader

Don’t worry – The Mayhems swim in different pools!

The answer is Northern Israel.

Israel has a very rich collection of important well known heritage sites but also has many other attractions that are well worth visiting whether you are with The Mayhems or touring on your own.

Our friend Simon has spent many years visiting his Mayhems, family and friends in Israel and has written Days out in Israel, a blog about some of the less well known places you can visit.

His blog covers all types of museums, archaeological sites, parks and nature reserves throughout the country. Simon also enjoys researching and blogging about the people who have streets named after them and has managed to find a candidate for every letter of the alphabet, although he did cheat when it came to X! (Street Names Post)

Simon includes many family friendly places that are great to take The Mayhems to such as Park Golda in The Negev Desert.

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Israel have a look at his blog describing some of the lesser known places to visit. I am sure you will find them interesting

Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art

Dali at The Ralli Museum of Art

Hot Springs at Hammat Gader



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