Treehouse Family Play – Bournemouth – Soft Play, But Not As You Know It

Suitable for  0 – 12

tree house soft play 2If you’re in Bournemouth town centre, the Treehouse represents a welcome departure from the usual indoor play centres.

When my daughter was in Bournemouth recently she took her 2 year old to the Treehouse.

Now my daughter has a love/hate relationship with soft play centres. and thinks they are great for letting the children run around but she finds they are often dirty, with headache inducing noise levels and with lurid play equipment.

The Treehouse is different and is a family play centre designed with grown ups in mind as well as children!

Check out the coffee and the locally sourced food.



Where: 6 St Michaels Road, Bournemouth  BH2 5DX
Admission: Free for adults or infants (under 1)
Facilities: cafe with locally sourced produce.  Classes for for toddlers. Holiday Club for 4-12
Website: www.treehousefamilyplay.com


The play/climbing area is built with natural materials and in natural colours.  It has a network of ropes and ladders. There is also a dressing up area and a downstairs area with a painting wall and remote control cars (although this is sometimes closed off for private group sessions).

tree house soft playfoodThe cafe serves freshly prepared food (sandwiches, salads, pizzas and jacket potatoes) and has cameras showing the play areas, so that you can keep an eye on your grandchildren while you relax.

Our 2 year old granddaughter enjoyed the dressing up and running around the treehouse area, but she was a bit small to climb up on the frame, but I am sure she will be climbing all over it the next time.

It’s not a huge place (space is limited due to its town centre location) but it’s a nice place to spend some time, particularly if the weather has put paid to any outdoor activities

Getting There 6 St Michaels Road, Bournemouth  BH2 5DX
Large pay and display car park nearby – BH2 5PG  
Google see map or get directions

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