Treasure Hunts

detective treasureA cold wet day – what should we do, where can we go?

The excitement of Christmas is wearing off and there is still a week to go before the grandchildren go back to school. Museums and Art Galleries are good to visit at this time of the year but holiday workshops and activities are not always offered during the Christmas period.

Our answer is to try find the answers to a treasure hunt .

We have fun using the free Global Treasure Hunt App on our phone.

At present most of their trails are based in Scotland but they do have some trails in Germany, England and Ireland and are gradually adding more to their collection.


Even more fun is to create your own treasure hunt either at home or when you are out.

  • Set time limit – 10 minutes- to explore a location such as a room in an art gallery, a section of a park or a room in a house looking for 6 objects.
  • Set a question about each object and give 3 multiple choice answers.
    You can print out and use our Treasure Hunt Question Sheet for each person. Put the answers on the section at the bottom which can be folded out of sight.
  • Older children will enjoy giving a cryptic clue to the location. – e.g. from the door walk 4 paces ahead then 2 paces left etc.
  • It is also fun to take a camera or use a phone to take pictures of the 6 objects that everyone has chosen. It also is a way to stop squabbles about the correct answer!
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