Tips to reduce stress when travelling with children as well as suggestions of places to stay and visit when travelling in the UK and further afield.

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  • Best London Bus Journeys
    My mother was a great explorer and when I was a little girl she used to buy a bus Red Rover ticket. We would go to The Green Man Roundabout at Leytonstone and ride on the top of a bus into Central London. Papa Joe and I plus The Mayhems also love […]
  • The Great British Toilet Map
    I wish I had a pound for every time my children desperately said ” I need the loo” while we were out.  Now as my Mayhems are becoming nappy free I am hearing the refrain again. My mother would refuse to pay for toilets and I learnt to […]
  • Electrical plugs and sockets around the world
    Did you know that there are 14 types of plugs you could encounter when you travel abroad! When planning a trip, we (or rather Papa Joe) used to spend a lot of time checking to see what type of plug we would come across and whether we would then have […]
  • Boston – first stop on our New England Roadtrip
    Boston did not want us to leave – as we started our New England Road Trip the heavens opened making it hard to drive away! We loved Boston, a city that is easy to explore and an ideal place to get over jetlag. […]
  • Papa Joe and Grandma Jacqui’s New England Road Trip
    Papa Joe and I decided to combine a wedding in Connecticut with a road trip. We flew to Boston, drove to the wedding, and then took 2 weeks to explore New England. The wedding was at the end of August so we were just before the main […]
  • Make Your Own Magnetic Travelling Tray
    Recently I came across a great idea for making your own travelling magnetic travelling tray. The Mayhems have great fun with Tiger Tribe magnetic playbooks. These are Australian so if you are visiting there stock up otherwise try making your own […]
  • Gatwick North Terminal – tips for travelling with children
    We recently travelled through London Gatwick Airport North Terminal and while there checked out the facilities for families. You can see a map of The North Terminal here which has the baby changing areas and toilets clearly marked. Landside Parking […]
  • The London Underground, with Papa and The Mayhems
    My daughter, Papa Joe and I took three of the ‘Mayhems’ on The London Underground/The Tube, to see the Changing of the Guard. While my daughter and I chatted happily we left the mayhems in Papa Joe’s excellent hands. He came fully […]
  • AARP – real benefits for grandparents
    When we travel we always look for seniors discounts on hotels and car hire. The age for senior discounts varies from company to company and in the US in particular 65 seems to be the magic age. Luckily we discovered AARP -The American Association of […]
  • Easy Travel in Newcastle by Metro
    My friend Ruth lives in Newcastle upon Tyne and has a gorgeous young grandson living in South Tyneside about 10 miles away from her. She told us that the Tyne & Wear Metro system is brilliant for grandparents like her who can’t lift […]
  • Hippychick Hipseat Child Carrier – Updated Review
    We first saw a Hipseat in use at The National Trust’s Wimpole Hall. Buggies are not allowed in the house but you can borrow a Hipseat to carry your toddler around the rooms.   We were so intrigued by the Hipseat that we got in touch with […]
  • Handbag 2 Handbag Organiser – makes finding things easy
    I always panic that I have left something in the seat back pocket at the end of a flight. I used to try and keep my things together in a pouch but it never seemed big enough. So I was really pleased to see that the ‘Handbag 2 Handbag’ […]
  • The Hong Kong Taxi App
    Pronunciation is the key! Hong Kong was a British colony and all the street signs are in English and Chinese so getting around should be simple. Our problem is that we pronounce the names in a different way to the taxi drivers! Our grandchildren […]
  • Heathrow Terminal 5 – tips for travelling with children
    With 2 granddaughters living abroad, we are often at Heathrow – meeting and greeting them or saying goodbye. Sometimes we even get to fly with the grandchildren. Here are some tips when you go through Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport:- Leave […]
  • Don’t Forget The Wipes
    “I see you are from England too” said the girl standing in the queue beside me. How did she know I wondered, then I looked down and saw she was also clutching a box of Tesco flat pack toilet paper. I was pleased that my backpacking […]
  • Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organiser – Review
    Ever since I managed to topple my buggy and daughter backwards I have been wary about hanging bags from the buggy handles – don’t worry she wasn’t hurt and now has children of her own. When I took her children out recently I got […]
  • New car = new ‘Quinny Zapp Stroller’
    “Brilliant, very cleverly engineered”  Papa Joe said as we unpacked our new Quinny Zapp Stroller.  Men seem to notice things like that. Our previous buggy was just a fraction too long to get into the boot of our new car.  After a lot of […]
  • Car Seats
      I am a great believer in having the children strapped in the car securely. When my children were young a friend had a nasty experience when her son managed to undo the buckle of his seat and startle her by tapping her on the shoulder while […]
  • Eating out with the grandchildren in Central London
    Taking our grandchildren out for the day certainly involves more planning than we would usually consider, especially when it comes to mealtimes.  Here are our top tips for where to eat in Central London with little ones: * Family friendly chain […]
  • Schiphol Airport Amsterdam – Great Facilities For Children
    We recently had to change planes at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and were amazed by the great facilities for children and adults. Check out their website for details. All too often departure lounges in other airports are crammed full of shops […]
  • London Tube and Bus concessions for children
    The great thing about living in London (Greater London Authority area) and being of a certain age is that we qualify for a Freedom Travel Pass which allows us to travel free on London’s public transport, and some National Rail routes within […]
  • Flying with Grandchildren – a few airport tips
    Having grandchildren living abroad we spend a lot of time with them at airports either dropping them off, picking them up or flying with them. Don’t forget to have a sign to hold up if you are meeting them – the children love that. These […]