Travel Grobag – Review

Sky in the Travel GrobagHow things change.  I thought a Growbag was a something to grow my tomato plants in.  I was all geared up to crochet my first baby blanket when I saw my grandaughter being zipped into her Grobag to go to bed.   I was soon won over by its benefits of safer sleeping, no covers to kick off and no extra blankets to have to wash!  The only drawback is extricating a sleeping toddler from the Grobag when transferring from a cot to a car seat.

So I was recently delighted when my daughter showed me ‘Travel Grobag’ which fits a 5 point harness.  Genius.

The ‘Travel Grobag‘ is essentially the same as a regular one except it has a small velcro opening at the back through which you can put a 5 point harness.  The front has a two way zip to close the Grobag around the harness/buckle.  This way you can easily transfer your sleeping baby to its car seat/buggy with minimal fuss.

Grobags are available in 3 Tog sizes; 2.5 for All Year Round, 1.0 for Summer & Daytime Naps and 0.5 for Holidays/Heatwaves

Check with www.gro.co.uk/stockists for stockists

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