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Our eldest daughter and her two girls live in Hong Kong.  It is lovely when they come to stay with us but things can get very hectic, especially when the children are jetlagged.

No matter how  we arrange blackout curtains and blinds there is always some light that seems to be able to get into the bedroom and disturb their sleep.

Various companies have produced travelling blinds and cot blackouts.  The one that has worked well for us is the Cot Canopy Breeze by Content & Calm.


cot_blackout2On a recent trip to London, my 17 month old granddaughter was sleeping in various travel cots at different houses. The Cot Canopy Breeze was easy to put up and was able to fit over different sized cots, travel cots and cot beds which have a top rail.

The drape is a ‘one size fits all’ blackout drape that also provides insect, shade and cat protection. The 3 parts of the hanging bar click together easily and the clamp is designed to fit into a pocket in the canopy so is hidden from the child in the cot.


The tent design is very clever and gives plenty of headroom for active toddlers to stand up in the travel cot.  We have a third granddaughter is a 2 years old.  She is tall for her age and she still had plenty of room to stand up.

The Cot Canopy Breeze is ideal for travelling as it comes in a compact bag weighing about 2kg and could easily fit into a suitcase.  The content and Calm original cot canopy is also available.

The Cot Canopy Breeze is £59.99 and available to buy online here



Our sister site – Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a Cot Canopy Breeze for review.  We were not paid for this review and the opinions are all ours

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