Tips when cooking with toddlers

Perhaps it is because I used to teach science that I approach cooking with my granddaughters as if it was a chemistry practical.  Remember Apparatus, Method …. plus safety rules being drummed into you.  Well take the same approach with cooking with toddler.

Before you start.

  1. Buy some cheap plastic table cloths to cover the work surface and floor.  I got mine at a pound shop.
  2. Make sure you have all the ingredients and tools out ready to use before you start.  Silicone bakeware  saves a lot of time greasing tins and is easier to clean.
  3. If possible use electronic scales – Make using traditional scales easier to use by using the edge of Post It Notes to mark where to stop weighing. You can use a set of measuring spoons but weighing is much more fun.post it scale
  4. Have lots of bowls and a damp cloth to put underneath the bowls to steady them.
  5. Use a combined grater storer which is less messy than traditional ones.  Always supervise the toddler if you let them do any grating.  I take over as they get to the end.



Get them into good habits by wearing an apron, there are some lovely children’s ones and cooking sets available, and by washing hands before touching the food.  I let my grandchildren break the eggs (use separate bowls so you can fish out the bits of shells) and hold my hand mixer while I steady it.

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