Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital and Visitor Centre – nr Aylesbury, Bucks

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Grandpa – what happens to wild animals if they are injured?

A few lucky animals are taken to Tiggywinkles – the World’s Leading Wildlife Hospital. They do amazing medical work with injured British wildlife like hedgehogs, badgers, ducks, kites, foxes, deer, tortoises.

You cannot visit the main hospital area, but we went to the visitor’s centre and saw some of the animals being cared for. It was fascinating to watch baby birds being fed by hand.

The other fun thing to visit is their hedgehog museum.

 Suitable for all age groups.  

Where: Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, Aston Rd, Haddenham, nr Aylesbury, Bucks   HP17 8AF         01844 292292
Admission: Charge –  adults and children 4+, under 4s and senior citizens free     Open Easter to October
Facilities: baby changing/feeding, picnic area, small shop, outdoor cafe
Website: www.sttiggywinkles.org.uk    

Tiggywinkles would like to return all their recovered patients back to the wild. However, sadly some are left disabled by their injuries and would not be able to cope. Tiggywinkles think these animals deserve the chance of a near natural life in a protected environment, so they have built specially designed enclosures for them to live in. Most of these animals live permanently in the visitor centre.  We saw some hedgehogs, tortoises and deer; we did not manage to see any badgers, but I think some were there.

The animals in the visitor centre require special attention, so cannot be fed or cuddled by visitors.  To help support these permanent residents, Tiggywinkles run an adoption scheme. By adopting a long term resident, you will be supporting them and the work of the World’s busiest wildlife hospital.  See details for adoption www.sttiggywinkles.org.uk/top-navigation/adoptions.html.

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There are often more than 1,400 animals receiving free life-saving care at Tiggywinkles.

I had to look up Glis Glis and discovered it was an edible doormouse!


After walking round and seeing the animals we washed our hands and played in the small playground.

Getting There Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, Aston Rd, Haddenham, Bucks   HP17 8AF
Google see map or get directions

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