The wonderful world of Soft Play




If my mum had taken me to the 1950s equivalent of Soft Play, it would probably have involved driving out into the countryside and jumping on a hay bale.  These days it’s a whole industry.

My feelings on Soft Play centres are mixed.  At their worst, they are smelly, chaotic, expensive and dirty.  But at their best, they are a safe, affordable, indoor environment for your grandchildren to jump, climb, run and generally enjoy themselves, while you have a nice cup of tea and chat with the other grandparents.

  •  Don’t forget to wear nice socks, it is shoes off when you are on the soft play equipment.  You may have to brave the equipment when retrieving your grandchild from the top of it!
  • Take a bag to put shoes in, you don’t want to take the wrong pair of flashing pink trainers home.
  • Don’t take any valuables in with you as you may have to leave bags in lockers or unattended.
  • If you are taking babies or toddlers, aim to go during school hours so that they don’t get trodden on by older ones.
  • Check if there is a baby/toddler area with age/height limits
  • Take advantage of loyalty cards, membership schemes or family offers and be aware that prices at some centres increase during school holidays.
  • Before you visit try to check to see if a children’s party has been booked




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