Exploring The Stars -The Royal Observatory Greenwich

“Wow” a little voice was heard to say.  “Is that as old as you grandpa?”

We were visiting The Weller Astronomy Galleries at The Royal Observatory and the first thing we saw was this meteorite and yes it is older than the combined age of all the visiting grandpas!
royal_ob8The Weller Astronomy Galleries are in the section of The Royal Observatory that is free to visit.

They were bustling with children enjoying themselves with the various activities.  Our Mayhems are still a bit small but if you have children 6 or older they will love it.

Where: Royal Observatory ,Blackheath Avenue, Greenwich, SE10 8XJ
Admission: free – interactive Weller Astronomy Galleries
entrance fee – Planetarium Show, Flamsteed House/Meridian Courtyard (combined tickets available)
 Website: www.rmg.co.uk/royal-observatory

The interactive table top was very busy with children moving special metal markers to bring up questions and answers on a screen.


The galleries also had great child friendly exhibits.   You can even try guiding a space mission and make the decisions about what to take and how to get there.

We then made our way outside, passing a large statue of Yuri Gugarin and went through The Altazimuth Pavilion and into The Time For Navy Gallery (also free). The rear section of the gallery is used to repair old time pieces.  Some are on display and you may also see conservators in action repairing the old clocks.

royal_ob9 royal_obcon

The Royal Observatory also has other galleries (Flamstead House and The Meridian Building and Telescope Gallery) for which there is an entrance fee.  This also includes entry to the courtyard whereyou can stand on The Meridian Line.

You can stand on the Meridian Line without going into the courtyard. It passes through the path just outside the The Observatory wall .

royal_ob 5royal_ob6









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Getting There Royal Observatory ,Blackheath Avenue, Greenwich, SE10 8XJ
Google see map or get directions

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  1. Daisy de Plume

    My 5 year old, Storsh, also loved the (enormous) floor map at the neighboring Maritime museum.

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