The National Maritime Museum – Greenwich

If you are in Greenwich then visit The National Maritime Museum. It has had a makeover and the galleries with large collections of model ships have been transformed into themed galleries with displays of paintings and memorabilia. There are some fun things for children including a small children’s gallery which is open at weekends and school holidays.

Suitable for age 4+

Where: National Maritime Museum, Park Row, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF
Admission: FREE – some exhibitions and activities have a charge
Facilities: 2 cafes, brasserie, free wi fi, shop
Website: Royal Museums Greenwich – National Maritime Museum

We love to approach the museum from the main entrance in Romney Road and walk between the two large anchors.

National Maritime Museum a


The central courtyard now has a glass roof and a new exhibition area in the centre. Around the sides you will see various small boats displayed and an exhibit about the seaside. The small beach hut comes with dressing up clothes and toys. Beside it is a simulator ride of a fast speed boat up The Thames. (small charge).

National Maritime Museum bThere is a large display of sailing ship figure heads, the stern of a wooden warship and  Frederick, Prince of Wales’ beautiful State Barge.

National Maritime Museum cAbove the central exhibition centre is the Great Map. Just the place to plan a route through uncharted seas!

There is a small children’s gallery on the 3rd floor open at weekends and school holidays. On Tuesdays there is often a ‘Play Tuesday’ event with activities for young children throughout the day so check the website. (a charge per child).

The children’s gallery has areas for drawing and playing. A great activity is to try to load cargo into a hold. Equally popular is to try to aim a cannon and fire it.

National Maritime Museum e

National Maritime Museum d



While we were visiting ‘The Explore Saturday’ event was on with ‘Father Neptune’ giving free family tours (suitable for 6+) around the gallery. Other characters also take the children on tours – check the website for details.

National Maritime Museum f


Getting There National Maritime Museum, Park Row, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF
Stanhope Entrance in Romney Road, Sammy Offer Wing Entrance in Greenwich Park
Google see map or get directions

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