The London Underground, with Papa and The Mayhems

My daughter, Papa Joe and I took three of the ‘Mayhems’ on The London Underground/The Tube, to see the Changing of the Guard. While my daughter and I chatted happily we left the mayhems in Papa Joe’s excellent hands.

tube travel

He came fully prepared and coped magnificently!

Papa’s tips

Have copies of the tube map – Papa also printed out large versions for central London which were easier for  the ‘Mayhems’ to follow. You can download copies here and they are freely available at stations.

Bring books, sticker books, snacks – lollipops are great for bribery and keeping kids quiet!

Bring drinks BUT remember toilets are few and far between on the tube network- see here for a map of toilets

tube travel 2Children aged between 5 and 10 can travel free on Tube. When they are with an adult they do not need an Oyster photocard but if they travel by themselves they will.

See here for details of all the rules about fares.

In fact 1 adult can take 4 children with them so Papa will be able to take our 4th ‘Mayhem’ as well when he gets a little bigger!

When you go through the ticket barriers with children under 10 you have to go through the wide luggage barriers together. Sometimes at busy stations you might have to queue.


We like to wait on the platform until all the crowds tend to go before we tackle all the stairs and escalators.

tube travel 3 tube travel 4









People  will often offer to help with buggies. Remember parts of the tube are 150 years old so there are very few places where lifts will take you directly from the street to a platform. You can find an avoiding the stairs tube map here which shows which stations are step free and where you can change lines without encountering steps.

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