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imperial war museum IWM

Recently our friend David took his 7 year old granddaughter Olivia to The Imperial War Museum (IWM) and told us how much she enjoyed it. The museum is themed and explores modern warfare from the First World War through to today’s conflicts. Olivia had been learning about WWI at school and she recognised a lot of the objects in the new First World War (WWI) gallery.  

IWM ticket desk

The WWI galleries opened in time for the 100 year anniversary of the war and are very busy.

The WWI exhibition is on floor 0 at the base of the atrium.

Our tip is to get to the museum as it opens and go straight to the ticket desk which is beside the entrance to the WWI galleries to get a free ticket for a timed entry. Then take time to look at the planes and other armament on show.

To reach the ticket desk and the WWI gallery you have to descend 2 flights of steps from the main entrance. Lifts are at the other end of the museum so if you have a pushchair use the disabled entrance at the west entrance of the museum which takes you in at floor 0 directly opposite the ticket desk.  

You can see and download a floor plan here

There is a family trail around the WWI galleries – look for the red dot beside items which children should find interesting.


Something for the munchkins to think about


Can the Munchkins pass the medical?

The final part of the gallery has a mock up of a typical trench to walk through. Another excellent WWI ‘Trench Experience’ is at the Tank Museum at Bovington in Dorset, which is well worth a visit.

There are several other galleries exploring different themes in the museum. We think that the munchkins will enjoy visiting these 2 galleries..

  • A Family in Wartime -which deals with family life in World War II and has an air raid shelter to sit in
  • The Secret War which deals with spies and

IWM shelter

Suitable for: 7+ (N.B.Holocaust Exhibition14+)

Admission: Free, some special exhibitions have an entrance fee

Website:  www.iwm.org.uk  

Getting There Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ 
Google see map or get directions

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