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global treasure 2Earlier this year we were visiting the excellent Riverside Museum in Glasgow and discovered that you can download a free quiz / treasure hunt to your phone to complete as you walk around.

What a brilliant idea!

It is just right to entertain the grandchildren while you enjoy looking at the exhibits.

When you complete a treasure hunt you earn a reward such as a badge, a sticker or money off in the gift-shops and cafes.

The quizzes are produced by Global Treasure Apps and new attractions are being added to all the time.

global treasure 4At present they have treasure hunts for attractions in Scotland, Ireland, London and Berlin.

Some locations have treasure hunts aimed at different ages. The Riverside Museum has adult questions and simpler questions for pre-school children. If you want an extra challenge a few locations have questions in another language. Try the Spanish versions for The Riverside Museum.

You can download the app for free at The Google Play Store for Android phones and at the Apple itunes store for iphones.

Each question  has a photo allied to the question to help you with the answers. You have a choice of answers and you can see straight away if you have chosen the correct answer.

global treasure 1 global treasure 7 global treasure 8

If Global treasure Apps have not created a treasure hunt for your favourite museum then how about creating your own quiz. See here as to how to create your own

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