Sunshine! Wimbledon! Let’s Pick Some Strawberries

The sun was shining, the phone rang.

” How about strawberry picking” my daughter asked.

“Great idea” I replied.

strawberry picking 1

Ready to go – hat sunglasses suncream and drink

We packed hats, sun cream and insect repellent, and luckily our daughter had baby wipes  There’s nothing like toddlers with sticky strawberry covered hands to ruin your outfit.

We also took some boxes to put the strawberries in.  The farm does provide boxes and bags which are free but will count towards the final weight when you pay.

Where: Parkside Farm, Hadley Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 8LA     Tel 020 8367 2035 
Admission: Minimum spend per person (£3 – July 2013) – Our 2 year old was free
Facilities: trolleys, shop, picnic area, large car park
 Website: www.parksidefarmpyo.co.uk

For opening times and updates on available crops, it is important to check the recorded message line (020 8367 2035).  We were in luck as the strawberries were in abundant supply, both on the ground and on ‘table tops’.  These were at perfect height for toddlers on tiptoes and grandparents who don’t want to have to kneel down!

Access to the farm is buggy friendly, but there are also trolleys available if your grandchildren are happy walking but you don’t want to have to carry everything.

The Farm charges for what you have picked, with a minimum charge of £3 per person.  This seems fair to us – you can buy cheaper strawberries and vegetables elsewhere, but there is something lovely about picking your own out in the sunshine.  This way they are able to encourage good customers, and discourage those who want something for nothing.  And it means that you don’t feel guilty if your grandchildren eat one or two along the way.  We picked strawberries, spinach, swiss chard, green onions and broad beans.

If you want a coffee or a meal nearby, there are plenty of places to eat in Cockfosters, or you can try out Ferny Hill Tea Room, which is just along Hadley Road.  We had a lovely brunch there before heading home.


strawberry picking 2


Getting There Parkside Farm, Hadley Road, Enfield, EN2 8LA   
Google see map or get directions

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