Story Cloud – online stories to read with The Mayhems

Papa Joe loves his time reading stories to The Mayhems. We have just discovered Story Cloud, an online resource for computers or ipad/tablets created by the brilliant ‘Discover Children’s Story Centre’ at Stratford, London

StoryCloud is very useful when we don’t have a suitable book to hand but do have access to the Internet. N.B. They do not work on smartphones the screens are too small to enjoy the app

Story Cloud

There are 12 short stories that you can read online. You can also listen to them being read aloud. If you choose the ‘listen’ option you will see that each word is highlighted as the story is read.
Story Cloud 2

At the end of each story is a picture with hidden surprises. After exploring the picture you are given some ideas to help your Mayhems write their own story or draw a picture which you can then send to StoryCloud

You can also download each story as a pdf.

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