Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organiser – Review

Ever since I managed to topple my buggy and daughter backwards I have been wary about hanging bags from the buggy handles – don’t worry she wasn’t hurt and now has children of her own.

When I took her children out recently I got very frustrated when the drinks had spilled over the spare nappies in the shopping basket under the buggy.  Luckily my daughter lent me her Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organiser and I was won over.

skip hop grab and go 1

The organiser is just the right size to keep drinks and toys easily accessible.  Made of Neoprene, with three sections, it keeps drinks cool in the summer.

skip hop grab and go 3The purse can be detached and reattached from the main section very easily with a zip.

It has plenty of room for phone, keys and a wallet comes with a wrist band.  My daughter likes the fact that there is a special opening so she can attach her headphones to her phone while the purse is zipped up.


The adjustable velcro straps allows the organiser to fit easily on both our Quinny Zap buggy and our more conventional buggy. I can leave the organiser attached when I fold both up buggies.

skip hop grab and go 4 skip hop grab and go 2

skip hop grab and go 5







Skip Hop is based in New York City but their products are available worldwide. In comes in 2 colours in the USA , black and platinum. In the UK it I have only seen the black version for sale. You can buy the Grab and Gro Stroller on line from JoJo Maman Bebe or Amazon for £22


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  1. Jennifer

    I have a stroller organizer from Dot&Dot. It’s a relatively new brand I found on Amazon. It has the same features as this and it can also be used as a car organizer. It comes with a set of hooks that can also be attached to the stroller handle to carry other bags. It also has a strap to be able to use it as a diaper bag.

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