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What does this spell out? The words start with P and M!

What does this spell out?
The words start with P and M!

If you have been following the TV program ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ you will have been blown away by what can be made. It has helped to make sewing popular and it can be a great activity to try.

It does need to be a 1 to1 activity with younger children as you will be kept busy re-threading needles and making knots!

You can buy kits but I am not a great fan of them. We tried to make a purse but there were too many fiddly bits and not at all the holes had been punched out properly. Many of the embroidery kits use small needles and cloth with tiny holes. It gives a great result if you are experienced but is frustrating for the munchkins.

The worst kit we tried was a puppet which took 2 adults, extra glue and a lot of ingenuity to make work!

A simple way to learn to sew is to use cross Binka/Aida Cross Stitch Fabric which you can buy on line or from craft shops.

It comes in different sizes but the easiest to use with children is size 6 or 7 as that has the biggest holes.

You can buy large eye plastic needles or use metal blunt wool needles. With this size material and needle you can use wool or embroidery thread.


A great way to start is to fish out a copy of Morse Code and just use running stitches to create messages.

Cross stitch is easy to master and it is great fun to embroider initials but if it is a complicated letter work the pattern out first on a piece of paper.

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