Schiphol Airport Amsterdam – Great Facilities For Children

We recently had to change planes at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and were amazed by the great facilities for children and adults. Check out their website for details.

All too often departure lounges in other airports are crammed full of shops selling luxury goods; facilities to keep children amused are small or non existent.

The departure lounge is different at Schiphol Airport and has a large area called Holland Boulevard.  Apart from a casino (!) and a museum that closes at 5 pm, there are some themed rest areas designed to make you feel relaxed. A library area is provided with both adult and children’s books and seats with video screen.

Schipol-2 Schipol-1 Schipol-3







Nearby is a great children’s play area, just the place for the grandchildren to let off steam before a long flight.

If you are travelling with young children there is a babycare lounge open from  6.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.. It has seven curtained pods containing seating and a cot. There is also a kitchen area!

Schipol-5 Schipol-6 Schipol-4







I wish other airports will follow Schiphol’s excellent example.


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  1. Marguerite

    This is all very well, but as a mother who frequently travels alone with a toddler I find Schipol to be one of the least child-friendly airports I have used. Airlines make a big fanfare about being able to take a buggy up to the departure gate, but at Schipol there are steep flights of stairs leading down to the gates, rendering the buggy pretty much redundant. At Schipol there are no trolleys with child seats, or airport buggies that can be used by passengers and left at security, meaning that you are faced with the choice of checking your buggy in and dragging a tired two year old who is too big for a sling but too little to walk long distances on the 20-plus minute walk to the departure gate, or leaving your child (who is likely to have a meltdown at being left with someone they don’t know) and bags with a stranger at the departure gate as you walk back up the stairs to retrieve your buggy. The Dutch ground staff tend to be entirely unsympathetic and unwilling to bend the rules a lilttle to help. So, I’m afraid that the “child-friendliness” of this airport is pretty much cosmetic, or at least it’s nice if there is more than one adult travelling with said children. Perhaps they could have spent some of the money on supplying airport buggies, or installing lifts down to the gates. Solo parents be warned!

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