Quiz Walk : Russell Square and The British Museum Area

A delightful walk around some of the squares of Bloomsbury and past The British Museum.
About 1¾ miles long,

Buggy friendly no steps. Lots of cafes and restaurants on the route. Small children’s playground at (7)

 Download a pdf of the walk

russell square mapThe walk starts at the entrance of Russell Square Tube Station (1).

Turn left and walk to the pedestrian crossing at the corner of Woburn Place (2)

Enter Russell Square and walk diagonally past the café to the central fountain.

1)    How many small fountains are there surrounding the large one?

Walk to the large statue surrounded by railings and leave the square. (3)

2)    What animal is at the feet of Francis Duke of Bedford?

Turn right, walk alongside the statue and railings to the corner, then cross the road at the pedestrian crossing.

Turn left into Montague Street. As you walk down the street look for the metal gates on the left hand side of the road near the pedestrian crossing.

3)    What letter of the alphabet is under the crown on the right gate?

Use the pedestrian crossing to walk on the other side of Montague Street.

At the junction with Great Russell Street turn right and walk past The British Museum. (4)

4)    What famous architect lived opposite the museum near the corner with Bury Place?

If you have time, go inside and explore some of the galleries.

5)    What is the number of the night bus that stops outside the British Museum?

6)    Where did John Walker make the railings for The British Museum ?

Continue along Great Russell Street, crossing Gower Street at the pedestrian crossing.

7)    How many docking stations for Barclays Cycle Hire (Boris) bikes are in Great Russell Street?

8)    When was the shop L Cornelissen & Son established in London?

9)    Which author wrote that his character Charles Kitterbell lived at 14 Great Russell Street?

Turn right into Adeline Place by the Adeline Place multistory car park (5) and walk to Bedford Square Gardens.

Walk all the way round Bedford Square Gardens looking for the answers, returning to the corner of Gower Street and Montague Place.(6)

10)    Several houses in Bedford Square have commemoration plaques on them. What is special about the building with the green plaque?

  Cross Gower Street and walk along Montague Place.

Turn left at the corner into Malet Street.  Walk beside Malet Street Gardens, listening very carefully as you walk alongside the last section of the wall and phantom railings. (7)

Cross to the other side of the road and continue walking along Malet Street.

11)    What else is taught at The London School Of Hygiene?

12)   What is the missing date at Birkbeck College?

                         1823 __ __ __ __ 1825

Turn right into Byng Place and continue towards Gordon Square. (8)  (If you have time divert from the walk to explore Gordon Square. Economist John Maynard Keynes, Virginia Wolf and members of  the Bloomsbury set lived here)

13)    What type of market takes place at Torrington Square on a Thursday?

Turn right into Woburn Square Gardens. If the gardens are open, walk through them, otherwise walk alongside them. At the far end of the gardens is a small children’s playground – The Woburn Square Play Area. (9)

Continue on the path, with The Institute of Education on your left until you reach Russell Square.

Look at the grass area on your right just before you enter the square.

14)  A tree has been planted in memory of Elizabeth Croll, CMG, When was she born?

Cross the road to the square and look at The Cabmen’s Shelter, the green wooden building on the corner.

15)  Who presented the ‘Cabmens Shelter’ in 1901?

Turn left and walk back to the start at Russell Square Station.

russell square cabmen








 Papa’s  Facts
Did You Know That:

Russell Square is named after the surname of the Earls and Dukes of Bedford.

The British Museum opened on the 15th January 1759 and has over 8 million objects in its collection.

The large sculpture on the TUC’s Congress House is called ‘The Spirit of Brotherhood’

‘Phantom Railings’ at Malet Street Gardens uses the movement of pedestrians passing by  to create the sounds.

Bedford Square has 7 blue plaques commemorating famous people who lived here.

‘The Green Man’, sculpture in Woburn Square Garden is by Lydia Kapinska and inspired by words of Virginia Woolf.


1) 12   2) sheep   3) B   4)John Nash    5)N7   6) York   7) 26   8) 1855    9) Charles Dickens

10) Bedford College for Women was founded here   11) Tropical Medicine   12)   1951

13)  Farmers   14) 1944   15) Sir Squire Bancroft

Getting There Russell Square  Station, Bernard Street WC1N 1LG
Google see map or get directions

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