On the river at Christchurch – Dorset

It is just like ‘Swallows and Amazon’ the grandma next to me exclaimed and I thought how right she was. Now Swallows and Amazons is a classic childrens book but Papa Joe spent his boyhood reading ‘Biggles’.  Of course, The Mayhems think Peppa Pig is a classic so I will have to explain the story to all of them.

We had walked over Hengistbury Head to the iconic beach huts at Mudeford Spit for a picnic on the sands and decided to rest our weary feet and take a ferry back.

There are two ferry routes. We took the service run by Bournemouth Boating which uses vintage boats like this one which passed us on our way to Christchurch.

hengistbury head ferry boat 4 The whole journey takes about 40 minutes and runs during the summer season from Easter to October. These ferries take you up The River Stour to The Tuckton Tea Gardens at Tuckton Bridge. On the way they also stop at Christchurch Quay and The Captains Club Hotel by Wick Ferry.

The other ferry route you can take is The Mudeford Ferry (in the background) which goes across the harbour entrance to Mudeford Quay.

hengistbury head ferry boat 1

I have added arrows to the map below to give an approximate indication of the two routes – red arrows are the Mudeford Ferry, and yellow arrows are the vintage ferries to Tuckton.

hengistbury head ferry boat 3

The journey up The Stour was very relaxing. We had great fun trying to name all the birds we saw along the estuary.

As you get close to Christchurch you get great views of The Priory and all the boats moored along the river.

hengistbury head ferry boat 2

Suitable for all age groups

Where: Vintage Ferries run from Mudeford Spit to Christchurch Quay and Tuckton Bridge during the summer season
The Mudeford Ferry runs throughout the year between Mudeford Quay and Mudeford Spit
Website: Bournemouth Boating – Mudeford to Tuckton
Mudeford Ferry

Getting There Hengistbury Head / Mudeford Sandspit to either
Mudeford Quay (parking BH23 4AB,) or  Tuckton Tea Gardens (BH6 4JU) /Christchurch Quay / Wick Ferry by captains Club Hotel 
Google see map or get directions

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