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Some great places to take The Mayhems outside London

  • Glasgow’s Riverside Museum
    Memories Memories When Papa Joe was a little boy, he lived in Glasgow and he can still reminisce about the trams, trolley buses and the smell of ‘The Subway’. So he was delighted to explore Glasgow’s modern Riverside Museum and see […]
  • The Tank Museum – Bovington- Dorset
    Watch out – Papa Joe takes command of a Chieftain Tank! We then watched the Tanks In Action Display which was takes place at in the outdoor arena. It was thrilling watching the tanks speed around the arena. You can also pay for a ride around […]
  • On the river at Christchurch – Dorset
    It is just like ‘Swallows and Amazon’ the grandma next to me exclaimed and I thought how right she was. Now Swallows and Amazons is a classic childrens book but Papa Joe spent his boyhood reading ‘Biggles’.  Of course, The […]
  • The Great British Toilet Map
    I wish I had a pound for every time my children desperately said ” I need the loo” while we were out.  Now as my Mayhems are becoming nappy free I am hearing the refrain again. My mother would refuse to pay for toilets and I learnt to […]
  • Historic Dockyard Chatham
    From sailing ships to submarines – The Royal Dockyard at Chatham has been building and repairing ships for The Royal Navy from 1570 in Queen Elizabeth I’s reign through to Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. The dockyard is spread over 80 […]
  • Locomotion – The National Railway Museum at Shildon
    He may only be 2 but our youngest Mayhem is obsessed with Thomas The Tank Engine and loves playing with his wooden train set. So ‘Locomotion’ at Shildon, is just the place to bring him. Locomotion is part of The National Railway Museum […]
  • Belsay Hall- let your imagination run riot
    Our friends Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Bob recently took their 4 year old grandson, ‘L’, to Belsay Hall, an English Heritage property about 15 miles north west of Newcastle Upon Tyne in Northumberland. He had a great time battling […]
  • Bosworth- King Richard III’s final battle
    Which king would you vote for – Richard III or Henry VII? Our view of the 2 kings are often influenced by Shakespeare’s play. Was Richard III really a hunchback villain who murdered his nephews. Did he really say” A horse, a horse! […]
  • The Cumberland Pencil Museum.
    Of course a ‘lead pencil’ has lead in it! Actually no –  the centre of a pencil is pure, solid graphite. To find out why it is called ‘pencil lead’ Papa Joe and I visited delightful Cumberland Pencil Museum. Having […]
  • Cumbria – Leon’s favourite places
    Recently our friends Ruth and Bob went to Cumbria with daughter Anna and her 4 year old ‘Mayhem’ Leon. They visited a few kiddie friendly places and these are the ones Leon liked best. The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction Leon adored […]
  • Historic Hartlepool – 3 unusual museums
    A last minute change to our UK road trip brought us to Hartlepool Marina. What an unexpected highlight! Papa Joe and I took the opportunity to visit the ‘Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience’ and ‘The Museum of Hartlepool’ […]
  • Natural History Museum -Tring Hertfordshire
    “Are we going to the dead animals museum” our Mayhem asked. “Yes” replied Papa Joe “Oh good” Who would have guessed that when Walter Rothschild was 7 and said “I am going to make a museum” that his […]
  • Pevensey Castle – Defending Us From Roman Times to WWII
    After being cooped up in the car, Pevensey Castle is the ideal place to stretch your legs and let the Mayhems run about exploring. We were on our way to Eastbourne, a few miles to the west, having just been to the brilliant Herstmonceux Observatory […]
  • Colchester Castle
    Which is easier to drive without crashing – a car or a chariot? I don’t think Ben Hur has to worry about competition from either Papa Joe or me when it comes to taking part in a chariot race. It was exhilarating but surprisingly […]
  • Love Science, Love Stars, Love Herstmonceux
    It takes great skill and concentration to work out how to control the flow of water in the Water Play Tanks at The Observatory Science Centre.   Papa Joe and I experimented with dam building.  I don’t know about the Mahems but we had a great […]
  • A Day Out In Birmingham City Centre – 5 Places to Visit
    Papa Joe and Grandma Jacqui had a day out in Birmingham City Centre without The Mayhems! We enjoyed wandering around the city centre and are sure that we will be back with them.  With this in mind, we made this list of suitable places to visit with […]
  • Wimborne Minster’s Model Town – Dorset
    “Look there is where Daddy works” shouted our friend Fred’s 4 year old granddaughter when she looked into the tiny church at Wimborne Minster’s Model Village. Her Daddy is a wedding photographer, and as they peeked inside the […]
  • The Fleet Air Arm Museum – Yeovilton – Somerset
    When Papa Joe was a little boy, his mother used to tell him stories about being a radio operator in The Wrens (Women’s Royal Naval Service) during The Second World War. It was where she learnt to ride a bike – the only way for her to get […]
  • Quiz Walk : Bournemouth’s Winter Gardens
    A delightful walk about 1¼  mile long through the Middle and Lower Winter Gardens.  Take your time, play crazy golf, have a ride in the balloon or stroll along the pier. Buggy friendly – Lots of cafes and restaurants on the route. […]
  • Climbing High On Bournemouth Pier at RockReef
    Rock climbing makes a change from the usual end of pier activities. If you or the children are adventurous then the new RockReef on Bournemouth Pier is for you. The interior of the pier theatre has been completely rebuilt to provide a large indoor […]
  • Titanic, The SeaCity Museum and Southampton
    Did you know that Southampton was The Titanic’s home port and many of it’s crew came from the streets that surrounded the port. In April 1912 The Titanic left Southampton with a great fanfare as it began its fateful maiden voyage to New […]
  • City Farms – in the middle of a town!
      Did you know that there is a farm with pigs, sheep, rabbits, ducks and  three alpacas called Ben, Jerry and Tom just a mile away from The Houses of Parliament. Papa Joe and I were amazed to discover Vauxhall City Farm in the middle of London […]
  • Explore, touch and be amazed at The Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium
    I wish I could have tried out experiments like these when I was a young Mayhem. Our science lessons always had the same format. The teacher led demonstrations and then we had to write up the experiment we had watched. The only interactive exhibits I […]
  • Poole Museum and Scaplen’s Court
    Would you like to design your own museum? Well you can – by using Poole Museum’s special ‘DIY Museum’. It has all sorts of small bits and pieces in the drawers and The Munchkins, hopefully without quarrelling, can decide what […]
  • WWT Arundel Wetland Centre
    Our friend Sylvia has just visited The Arundel Wetland Centre. She had a great visit and and told us that we must take The Munchkins there. We asked her what it was like and this is what she thought. Yes, it is good for kids. They do pond dipping, […]
  • Ride The Swanage Railway To Corfe Castle
    I am not sure that the munchkins really understand our fascination with steam trains but it brings back great childhood memories for Papa Joe and myself so we loved our recent trip on The Swanage Railway. This restored heritage railway takes about […]
  • Candlelight Nights – a 100 year old Bournemouth Tradition
    When I was little we came to Bournemouth every summer and a highlight was the traditional candle lighting in The Lower Winter Gardens. Fast forward 30 years and Papa Joe and I took our daughters to do the same thing. It didn’t matter if […]
  • Birds Of Prey Centre – Bedfordshire
    Our friends took their granddaughter Eliana to The Birds of Prey Centre and had such a good time there that we will also take our munchkins there. The centre looks after more than 200 birds of prey. You can see a wide variety of different types of […]
  • Visit the coast in Northern England for a great day out
    The nice thing about The UK being an island – actually several islands! –  is that nowhere is very far from the sea and we have some great beaches to visit. Our friend Ruth has told us about some great places they go to with their family […]
  • 3 places with animals to visit in South Tyneside and Gatehead
    If you are living near or visiting the South Tyneside and Gateshead areas then our friend Ruth has recommended these places to visit.  The choices are rather animal centred, but then so is her grandson Leon. […]
  • Paradise Wildlife Park – Broxbourne Herts
    I had visions of having to spend my day stuck in a narrow tunnel trying to retrieve Abbie. She was having a great time as she had gone through the tunnel to the centre of the Meerkat enclosure to see them and did not want to come out. Finally, to my […]
  • Quiz Walk : The Historic City Of Winchester
    A walk around the historic City of Winchester.  About 1 ¼ miles Buggy friendly – plenty of cafes and restaurants on the route. […]
  • Coventry Transport Museum
     Suitable for 6+ allow 2 hours Get a close up view of cars, bikes, buses and lorries from earlier times. The younger children were particularly fascinated by the street scenes and large cabinets of models. Papa Joe had to be dragged away because we […]
  • Winchester City Centre – 5 things to do
    Recently we went to the The Winchester Science Centre and Planatarium and, after having fun, there we spent a few hours in Winchester City Centre. A city of contrasts – within a small area you can see delightful medieval buildings, Winchester […]
  • The House on the Hill Toy Museum – Stansted
    “Look a Dalek” Another voice piped up “I had one of those” It doesn’t matter what age you are there are toys and memories for everyone.  You are sure to find something to reminisce about among the 80,000+ items on […]
  • Van Hage – A Garden Centre With A Difference, Ware Hertfordshire
    How many times have you heard a little voice from the back seat in the car either demanding food or a toilet.  We now consciously take note of garden centres when we travel as they usually have a cafe, toilets and things for children to look at. […]
  • Treehouse Family Play – Bournemouth – Soft Play, But Not As You Know It
    Suitable for  0 – 12 If you’re in Bournemouth town centre, the Treehouse represents a welcome departure from the usual indoor play centres. When my daughter was in Bournemouth recently she took her 2 year old to the Treehouse. Now my […]
  • Travel Back to the 1930s at Bekonscot Model Village and Railway, Beaconsfield
    Thank you Mrs Callingham! In 1928 she insisted that her husband move his model railway into the garden or she would leave. Luckily for us he agreed and built the delightful Bekonscot Model Village for his train set. Daisy and Sky loved watching all […]
  • Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital and Visitor Centre – nr Aylesbury, Bucks
    Grandpa – what happens to wild animals if they are injured? A few lucky animals are taken to Tiggywinkles – the World’s Leading Wildlife Hospital. They do amazing medical work with injured British wildlife like hedgehogs, badgers, […]
  • Buckinghamshire Goat Centre
    Grandpa – can I really feed the goats and rabbits? Of course, said Papa – these animals are so friendly that even one year olds can have fun with them.  So we walked through the gates and bought a little bag of food pellets. Then we went […]
  • Castle Compton – A Medieval Fortress
    As we drove into the car park everyone exclaimed “Oh Wow!  It really is like a castle!”  The front of the house has high crenelated walls with towers and a portcullis gate. The first manor house was built in the mid 14th century and the […]
  • Punch and Judy on Swanage Beach – Dorset
    We love coming to Swanage as it seems to have everything you need for a traditional seaside experience. Watching Punch and Judy on the sands, taking a boat trip, fishing for crabs from the quay or walking and exploring the neighbouring headlands, […]
  • Corfe Castle Dorset – the ideal place to roll down a hill
    The National Trust list of 50 things to do before you are 11¾  is a great way to challenge children. Number 2 in the list is to roll down a really steep hill and we have found one of the best places to do this when we visited The National […]
  • The Sandbanks Chain Ferry
    The captain walks to the control tower. The gates clang shut. The black ball slowly rises to the top of the forward mast. The rattle of chains start. The “Bramble Bush Bay” chain ferry is on its way across the mouth of Poole Harbour. […]
  • Corfe Castle Model Village and Tea Rooms
    The Corfe Castle Model Village and Tea Rooms is one of our favourite places to visit. Sometimes we just stop for their delicious Dorset Apple Cake.  At other times we spend longer, enjoying the model village and the peaceful gardens. Well it should […]
  • Teignmouth – A Traditional Devon Seaside Resort
      As we looked down at Teignmouth beach we heard the comment “Why is the sand red?” We are so used to golden sandy beaches that the red beach was a complete surprise.  The answer became apparent as we walked east to the red […]
  • Pevensey Court House and Gaol
      If tThe Mayhems are driving you mad then I have the perfect place for you – the stocks at The Old Court House in Pevensey!! The Old Court House Museum is in a delightful 16th century building in the centre of Pevensey Village which is […]
  • Bournemouth – 3 things to try
    Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.  Over the years, Bournemouth on the south coast has become a second home for us, our children, and now our grandchildren.  We love taking them to play on the sand, but here’s our pick of places to play […]
  • Go Wild at The Galleria Soft Play – Hatfield
    If you are looking for a very large, light, and airy Soft Play Centre then Get Wild at The Galleria is the place for you.  The under 3 area is just right for our little grandchildren, and our friend’s little girl who is 6 loves the main […]