Remote Babysitting or Things To Know In A Strange House!

I look forward to the day when our granddaughter Abbie can show me how to work the remote controls.  Recently I watched 3 hours of BBC News 24 while babysitting as I could not work the integrated remote control

Even worse the Mayhems were demanding their bedtime fix of TV and I resorted to using my laptop to play Peppa Pig videos to them before they went to bed.

remote babysitting 2

I have also been caught out when a kitchen light  blew the circuit breaker – leaving me in semi darkness.

We have a very useful emergency checklist  with important phone numbers and data but not about how things work.

To avoid future frustration, I sat down and compiled a list of things that I need to know when babysitting the Mayhems!

  1. Where electric circuit breakers are.
  2. How to work the baby alarm
  3. TV Remote Controls, including how to view satellite/cable channels
  4. Where the keys are to open the back door to let the cat in/out
  5. How to work the central heating

If you are feeding, playing and taking a child out by yourself then make sure you can:-

  1. Work baby equipment such as a sterilizer
  2. Open and close a buggy
  3. Know how to put the burglar alarm on or off

And of course, most importantly know where coffee, tea and biscuits are!

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