Quiz Walk : Whitehall and Westminster

Politicians and Power, Priests, Princes and possibly Pelicans.

Explore the ‘corridors of power’ – the government buildings that line Whitehall. See Westminster Abbey where Princes were crowned and Banqueting House where a King lost his head.  Watch the Pelicans in St James’s Park.
The walk is circular and about 2 miles long.

The quiz walk and answers are below 

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Our walk starts at the official centre of London, beside the statue of King Charles I on a horse, at the beginning of Whitehall, just in front of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square.

westminster whitehall4

The Whitehall and Westminster Quiz Walk Route

Later in the walk you will pass Westminster Abbey where King Charles I was crowned on February 2nd 1626, and Banqueting House where he was executed on January 30th 1649.

Cross to the right hand side of Whitehall, the road leading to The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Walk past The Trafalgar Studios Theatre and the public house to 22 Whitehall,
Look at the plaque about The Canterbury Province just to the right of the doorway.

  1. Who led the settlers?

22 Whitehall used to be a bank. You can see the night safe on the wall to the left of the doorway.

  1. What was the name of the bank?

Continue to 26 Whitehall, The Old Admiralty Building, where Admiral Nelson’s body lay overnight before his funeral.  It has an entrance with columns on either side. Look at the plaques on the far end, on the side wall.

  1. Where does The Trafalgar Way start?

Continue to Horse Guards. This is the official entrance to St James and Buckingham Palace.

The mounted sentries change every hour (in very cold weather every half hour) during the day until 16:00, when a dismounting ceremony takes place.

Carry on walking past  Horse Guards.

Dover House, once home to Lord Byron, is The Scotland Office. Beyond, at 70 Whitehall, is The Cabinet Office.

When you reach The Cabinet Office look at the large black war memorial in the centre of the road.

  1. Who are commemorated on the memorial?

The memorial was unveiled in 2005 as part of the 60th anniversary marking the end of World War II.

Continue along Whitehall past Downing Street (The home of the Prime Minister) and turn right into King Charles Street. On the wall to your right is a sign to The Cabinet War Rooms.

  1. How many metres is it to The Cabinet War Rooms?

Continue along King Charles Street to the statue just by the steps.

The statue is of one of the key men who helped in the creation of British India.

  1. What is his name?

Go down the steps to the memorial to the victims of Bali bombings on the right.

  1. What type of creature is engraved on the ball?

Cross to St James’s Park, walk towards the lake.

A colony of Pelicans live here and you will often see them on the grass or lake.  If you have time, detour to Duck Island Cottage to the right.

Turn left, walk towards the corner of St James’s Park, and use the crossing to go to The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers.

  1. What is the address of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers?

Turn left and then right into Storey’s Gate and walk past The Methodist Central Hall Westminster.
Turn right at the corner of Tothill Street and walk alongside The Central Hall to the 2 bronze plaques on the wall just past the telephone box.

  1. What year did The United Nations meet here?

Retrace your steps to the pedestrian crossing and cross Tothill Street to the gold post box.

  1. Who painted the post box gold?

Use the pedestrian lights to cross to The Sanctury and make your way to the tall column in front of Westminster Abbey.

whitehall westminster 1

The column  is a memorial to pupils of Westminster School who died in the Russian/Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny.

  1. How many lions are around the base of the column?

Walk under the arch between the two ’sentry boxes’ and beside the road barrier into Dean’s Yard.

Turn left and follow the pavement alongside Westminster Abbey.

  1. What Office is at 20 Dean’s Yard?

Many of the buildings in Dean’s Yard belong to Westminster School.

Continue to the narrow archway in the corner that leads out of Dean’s Yard and turn left into Great College Street.

Walk along Great College Street, turn left onto College Green and walk to the medieval tower at the far end of the path.

  1. What is the name of the medieval tower?

The tower was built between 1365/66 to house the private treasures of Edward III.

Walk past the tower towards the statue of King George V.

In front of the statue is a large sundial set into the ground. Look at the wording on it.

  1. When was Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee?

Carry on past Westminster Abbey and the medieval St Margaret’s Church to the corner with Parliament Square.

Turn left, walk to the pedestrian lights and cross to The Middlesex Guildhall, the large imposing white  “art nouveau gothic” building, on the north side of Parliament Square.

The Privy Council meets here, and also the final court of appeal in the UK.

  1. What is the name of the court that meets here?

Go towards the nearby large statue of a man standing in front of a chair.  It is a statue of a famous American President.

  1. Who is the President standing in front of the chair?

Pass the next statue (George Canning) and use the pedestrian lights to cross the road.

Turn right and then left into Parliament Street, (which becomes Whitehall just after King Charles Street).

Continue to the pedestrian lights by King Charles Street and cross the road.

Turn left and walk along Whitehall stopping opposite The Cenotaph, the large white war memorial in the centre of Whitehall.  Look above the 3 flags at the roman numerals carved into the Cenotaph.

  1. What date in roman numerals is carved at the top of The Cenotaph above the 3 flags?

Continue along Whitehall to the grass with statues of 3 important World War II British Generals.

  1. What is Viscount Slim holding in his hands?

Continue to the entrance of Banqueting House. Look above the entrance at the bust of King Charles 1.


Cross Horse Guards Avenue, turn right and walk to the statue of the soldier.

  1. What type of soldier is he?

Turn left and walk along Whitehall Court to the statue with 5 crew from a WWII tank.

  1. What type of tank were they crew members of?

Cross Whitehall Place.  Turn left and then right into Scotland Place. Walk to the end of Scotland Place.

The building immediately ahead of you was the original ‘Scotland Yard’- home to London’s first police headquarters. It is now a stable for The Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch.

Turn left and walk along Great Scotland Yard. Turn right when you reach Whitehall and look at the Clarence Public House.

  1. When does the Clarence date from?

Continue to walk along Whitehall to the statue of Charles I and the start of the walk.

     Click Here to download a pdf of the quiz walk and answers 

     Click Here to download a pdf of photo clues to help you and your Mayhems 

zzzy_btn_pink_food At the start of the walk around Trafalgar square are many coffee shops, pubs and restaurants.

The Wesley Café can be found in the Central Hall Westminster basement

zzzy_btn_blue_toilet There are public toilets in Trafalgar Square– fee for adults and children

The Central Hall Westminster basement by café – donation

Papa’s Facts
Did You Know That:


‘The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office’ is the title of the official resident cat at 10 Downing Street – the home of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

There have been 38 coronation ceremonies of reigning monarchs in Westminster Abbey.

Pelicans were first introduced into St James’s Park in 1664 as a gift from the Russian Ambassador

Westminster School was originally set up by the Benedictine Monks.

6 British Prime Ministers have been educated at Westminster School.

The first cenotaph was made of wood-and-plaster and designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and erected in 1919



1   John Robert Godley 2  Glyn Mills & Co/Holts 3   Falmouth
4   The Women of World War II 5  225 metres 6   Clive (Clive of India)
7   Birds 8   One BirdCage Walk 9   1946
10  The Royal Mail 11  4 lions 12  The Chapter Office
13  The Jewel Tower 14  2002 15  The Supreme Court
16  Abraham Lincoln 17  MCMXLV (=1945) 18  Binoculars
19  A Ghurkha Soldier 20 A Comet Tank 21  1862


Getting There At the Trafalgar Square end of Whitehall Beside the statue of Charles I 
Charing Cross Station, mainline and Bakerloo/Northern Underground lines
Google see map or get directions

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