Quiz Walk : Mayfair and Green Park

Explore elegant Mayfair’s beautiful Georgian buildings, Victorian arcades and fascinating streets. Wander through Green Park, enjoy the fountains and see the statues and memorials at Hyde Park Corner. If you are near Hyde Park Corner at 11.45 you should see The Household Cavalry on their way home.

The walk is circular and about 2 miles long.

The quiz walk and answers are below 

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Start at Green Park station (Jubilee/Piccadilly/Victoria lines).  Use the exit for Green Park and Buckingham Palace.


  1. What animal is above the fountain?

Take the footpath immediately to the right of the fountain, keep the main road on your right.

Stop when you reach the large blue ceremonial gates on your right.

There is a commemorative plaque in the footpath that contains the name of the gates.

  1. What is the name of the blue gates?

Continue a short way along the footpath, to the next gate. Turn left and then immediately right.

Continue straight along this footpath until you reach a tall oblong block with 3 large circles cut into it.

It is an unusual water fountain.

Walk over to the fountain.

  1. How many buttons are there on the fountain to press?

Return to the footpath, turn right and continue to its end where you will see 4 stone pillars.  These make up The Memorial Gates, engraved with the countries which fought alongside the British Armed Forces during WWI and WWII.

The pillar with the names of ‘Nepal, Africa, Caribbean’ contains some words by Ben Okri.

  1. What is our future greater than?

Walk right to the pedestrian traffic lights and cross the road to the centre of the roundabout.

mgp household cavalry hyde park

At 11:45 (10:45 on Sundays) you will see The Household Cavalry returning from The Changing of The Guard at Horse Guards Parade.

Walk to the left of the imposing ceremonial arch and go towards the green/grey granite wall which makes up The Australian War Memorial.

The large names commemorate the 47 battles fought by Australian forces.  Each of these names incorporates the birthplaces of Australian soldiers.

  1. Which two Capes make up the final E of LONE PINE?

The Battle of Lone Pine took place in 1915 during the Gallipoli Campaign of the First World War.

Walk towards the Royal Artillery Memorial, which has a large gun on the top.  Look across at the large light coloured building on the other side of the road.  It used to be a hospital.

  1. What was this hospital called?    

Walk past the Royal Artillery Memorial, towards the statue of the Duke of Wellington on horseback.

  1. When did Wellington die?

Walk across to the 16 bronze ‘standards’ that make up The New Zealand War Memorial.  One of the metal ‘standards’ is engraved with ships and planes.

  1. How many planes are engraved on the ‘standard’?

Return to the pedestrian lights and cross back to Green Park.

Take the wide footpath immediately to the left.  Walk to The Bomber Command Memorial, in the shape of a Greek temple.  Walk inside the memorial, where you will see bronze sculptures depicting a Bomber Command aircrew.

Look up at the inscriptions on the stonework inside the memorial.

  1. How many airmen is the memorial dedicated to?

Exit to the main road (Piccadilly).

  1. What type of rock can be seen on the opposite side of Picadilly?     

Turn right and walk past the bus stops to the pedestrian traffic lights.

Cross Piccadilly, turn left and first right into Down Street.

You are now entering Mayfair with its famous former residents and elegant Georgian Houses.

Look at the red coloured building on the left with three large arched windows.  This was the entrance to Down Street station which closed in 1932.

Many early 20th century tube stations had this design at street level.  During WWII, Churchill secretly sheltered here with the Railway Executive Committee, and occasionally the War Cabinet.

  1. Why is there a doorway which must be kept clear?  

Walk up Down Street and turn right at the T junction into Hertford Street.

  1. Which Royal Embassy is at 11 Hertford Street?

Follow Hertford Street at it bends sharp left.

At the end of Hertford Street is The Shepherds Tavern. Look at its hanging pub signs.

  1. Where does the man with the top hat dine?

Turn right into Shepherd Street.

Turn left at the Kings Arms, walk to the corner with ‘Ye Grapes’.

  1. What date is shown on the ‘Ye Grapes’ sign?

Walk straight ahead along the alleyway beside ‘Ye Grapes’, which leads to Curzon Street.

Maggs Bros have a book shop on the left corner with Curzon  Street.

  1. What type of books do Maggs Bros sell?   

Turn left, and cross Curzon Street at the pedestrian crossing.

Turn right, and look in the window of G. F.Trumper at 9 Curzon Street, next to a large church.

  1. What type of business is G. F. Trumper?

Continue along Curzon Street until Curzon Street turns left and becomes Fitzmaurice Place.

Stop at the first large doorway beneath the canopy on the left.  There are 2 blue plaques.

The founder of Selfridges department store lived here in the 1920s.

  1. What was the first name of the founder of Selfridges? 

Cross Fitzmaurice Place, turn right and then immediate left into Lansdowne Row, a  pedestrianised street.

At the end of Lansdowne Row, cross Berkeley Street at the traffic lights and go straight ahead up Hay Hill.

Hay Hill leads to the junction of Dover Street and Grafton Street.

Turn left into Grafton Street and look at 5 Grafton Street.

  1. When was Henry Peter, Lord Brougham born?    

Lord Brougham was a reforming politician who fought to abolish slavery and improve education for all. He became Lord Chancellor in 1830.

Follow Grafton Street as it bends sharp right.  Turn right into Albemarle Street, cross this road and walk past the imposing building.

This is the Royal Institution, where Michael Faraday made many discoveries about electricity.

Continue along Albemarle Street, passing Browns Hotel on your right.

Opened in 1837, this was London’s first ever hotel (as opposed to an inn).  Many famous Victorians stayed here.

Walk past the magnificent Royal Arcade.

Turn left into Stafford Street.  Look at the two pubs opposite each other.

  1.  What pub is the goat looking at?

Turn right at Old Bond Street, then left at the main road (Piccadilly).
After passing Burlington Arcade, stop outside Burlington House, home of The Royal Academy and other institutions.  Look across Piccadilly at the attractive frontage of Fortnum & Mason’s department store.

  1. How many clock faces are above the front of Fortnum and Mason?

Cross Piccadilly at the pedestrian crossing, then walk to the right, passing Piccadilly Arcade.  Continue to the far end of the colonnade at the front of the Ritz Hotel.

  1. When was the Ritz Hotel opened?

Green Park station (where the walk began) is just beyond the Ritz Hotel.

Click Here to download a pdf of the quiz walk and answers 

Click Here to download a pdf of photo clues to help you and your Mayhems 


zzzy_btn_blue_toilet There are public toilets in Green Park Station – fee for adults and children
zzzy_btn_pink_food At the start of the walk in Green Park is a small refreshment kiosk There are many coffee shops, pubs and restaurants as you walk through the streets of Mayfair.   A good selection can be found around Shepherd Market (Shepherd Street), Lansdowne Road and along Piccadilly.

Papa’s Facts
Did You Know That:

Piccadilly is probably named after Pikadilly Hall.  The owner, Robert Baker, became rich by making and selling piccadills, which were large broad collars made of lace.  Picadills were fashionable in the late 16th century.

The unusual water fountain in Green park is called  ‘Watering Holes’. It was designed so adults, children, wheelchair users and dogs have a ‘hole’ at the right height be able to drink.

Wellington Arch in the centre of Hyde Park Corner was originally meant to be an outer entrance to Buckingham Palace.  It was moved in the 1880s to allow for road widening.

At weekends, an art market takes place on the south side of Piccadilly. The paintings and photographs on sale are tied to the railings of Green Park.


1   Dog 2   Devonshire Gates  3   4 buttons
4   Our Past 5   Cape Bridgewater & Tribulation 6   St Georges Hospital
7   1852 8   7 planes 9   55,573 airmen
10  Hard Rock 11  Exit from Emergency Escape Route 12  Royal Thai Embassy
13  Upstairs 14  1882 15  Rare books & Manuscripts
16  Gentleman’s Hairdresser 17  Harry 18  1778
19 The King’s Head 20  3 clocks 21  25th May 1906



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