Quiz Walk: Charing Cross to Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus

A delightful walk around some of the attractions of Central London. About one and half miles
Buggy friendly – no steps. Lots of cafes and restaurants on the route

charing cross eros

 Download a pdf of the walk

Start at the forecourt by the front entrance of Charing Cross Mainline Station.  (1)

Turn right into The Strand and then first right into Villiers Street and walk down to the entrance of Embankment Underground Station

1. When did Rudyard Kipling live at 43 Villiers Street?

Turn right and walk under the railway bridge through Embankment Place (2)

2. When was the Cabman’s Shelter restored?

Turn left at the far end of Embankment Place, walk to the traffic lights crossing to Whitehall Gardens (a park) on the other side of the road – Northumberland Avenue.  (3)

3. What are the last missing numbers for the Westminster City Parks Department
(020) 7641   2000 ????

Turn right and continue up Northumberland Avenue towards Trafalgar Square. (4)

4. Which African Country has its house in Northumberland Avenue?

5. Which famous detective has a pub near here?

Cross to the statue on the small island in front of the square

6. Which King is riding on his horse and looking towards Big Ben?

7. What is the Latin date carved on Admiralty Arch – the route to Buckingham Palace?

Cross over into the main square.

8. How many lions surround Lord Nelson?

After exploring Trafalgar Square  go up the steps by The National Gallery – free toilets and a lift are on the left hand side of the steps (5)

Turn left and walk past The National Gallery and turn 2nd right into Suffolk Street.

9. Which Embassy has this coat of arms?




Turn left into Suffolk Place and right into Haymarket.

10. At the Haymarket Theatre what is above the entrance to The Royal Circle?

11. What is the name on the large clock hanging over the street?

At the end of Haymarket turn left into Coventry Street

12. How many horses are dancing in the fountain?

13. What game is the man with a beard and top hat playing at Lilywhites?

Walk to the Statue of Eros. (6)

After exploring the area walk back to Haymarket and cross the road continuing straight ahead into Coventry Street.

This leads to the Leicester Square.

Walk diagonally across the square to Irving Street – a pedestrian street full of restaurants.

14. What does the TKTS booth have on its roof?

Turn right into Charing Cross Road/ St martins Place and walk past the National Portrait Gallery.

Cross the road to the statueof Edith Cavell

15. What town is on the memorial to Edith Cavell?

Walk past the large church – St Martins In The Fields. (It has a lift down to an exhibition area ,café and toilets in the crypt)

Walk past the St Martins In The Fields and turn left into Drummond Street which will lead you back to the start at Charing Cross Mainline Station

Papa’s Facts
Did You Know That:

admiralty archLeicester Square has a statue of William Shakespeare surrounded by dolphins.

The cross outside Charing Cross Station has 8 statues of Queen Eleanor of Castile

Nelson’s Column is 170 feet (52 m) high

The Cabmen’s shelters were set up in 1875 to give cab drivers a place to rest and have meals

The Latin inscription on Admiralty Arch reads


(In the tenth year of King Edward VII, to Queen Victoria, from most grateful citizens, 1910)


1) 1889 1891 2) 1991 3) 2000 4) Nigeria  .
5) Sherlock Holmes 6) Charles I 7) MDCCCCX 8) 4
9) Philippines 10) Coat of Arms 11) Burberry 12) 4
13) Cricket 14) Clock 15) Brussels


Getting There Charing Cross Mainline Station, The Strand
Google see map or get directions

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