Quiz Walk : Alexandra Park and Palace

A gentle walk around North London’s ‘The People’s Palace’ and parkland. There are superb views across The City, Canary Wharf and Central London. A gentle 1½ miles circular walk. 

The quiz walk and answers are below 

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alexandra palace walk map


The walk starts at the car park by The Alexandra Palace Ice Rink and the BBC Transmitter at (1)

From the Ice Rink entrance walk towards the front of the building and turn right onto The South Terrace.

At the corner of Alexandra Palace is the entrance to the BBC Tower and Transmitter Mast

  1. When did the world’s first regular high definition TV service start?

BBC News was broadcast from here until 1969 and then The Open University used the studios until 1981.

  1. When was Alexandra Palace used to house prisoners of war?

Walk along the terrace and look for a large metal plaque set into an alcove in the wall opposite the first telescope.

  1. What was Edwin Wilmott’s surname?

Walk along The South Terrace. (2) You can see Canary Wharf, The City, The Shard and The Post Office Tower.

  1. How many telescopes are on The South Terrace?

Turn right at the far corner of The South Terrace by the pub/restaurant.   Pass the entrance to the main exhibition hall which leads into a magnificent glassed Victorian Conservatory. If it is open, look inside.(3)

  1. What is the name of this entrance?

Continue to the end of the building and turn left at the small road that curves down to the main road.

Just before you reach the main road take the small paved path leading to the entrance to The Laboratory.

  1. What is The Laboratory?

There is a small footpath  that goes  through the wooded area.  Follow this path down the slope. Cross the wide path which leads under an old railway bridge (4) and as you pass look up at the bridge.

  1. What number is the railway bridge ‘ALP’?

This bridge was a part of the railway line from Highgate to Alexandra Palace which was closed in 1957.

Follow the path as it passes the car park and look at the signpost by the car park.

  1. Whose house is above the café?

Follow the path up the slope (5),  and pass The Grove Café (6) on the right.

In about 100 metres take the left hand path which skirts around the building on your left (Little Dinosaurs).

  1. How many dinosaurs are over the entrance to ‘Little Dinosaurs’? 

Continue downhill along the path. Half way down you will see a small fenced area with a large tree and information board (7)  on your right. Go across to the information board and read all about the tree.

  1. What type of tree is behind the fence?
  2. What type of woodpecker likes to build nests in old trees like this?

Return to the path and continue down the slope.

On the grass to your left are 3 tree trunk sculptures, a discus thrower, a diver and a cyclist. They were created to celebrate The London 2012 Olympic Games.

Before you reach the car park you will see a signpost on the right.

  1. What is the number of the Preschool?

Go past the car park to the main road, Alexandra Palace Way, (8), and turn right.

Walk to the road crossing just by the garden centre and cafe.

  1. How far is Muswell Hill by bike?

Cross the road and take the small footpath opposite the crossing which is signposted to Alexandra Palace.

Just before you reach the main road take the footpath to your right which curves round parallel with the main road and The South Terrace.

The statue on top of building has been nicknamed The Alley Pally Angel

You will cross a footpath which is signposted to a car park.

  1. What is the name of this car park?

Until 1970 horse racing took place on the Alexandra Park Racecourse near this car park.

Follow the path signposted to the boating lake. The path curves left up a slope to the main road.

Cross the main road and walk to the bus stop.

  1. What letter is on top of the bus stop sign?

Turn left onto the small footpath by the bus stop and follow it as it curves past the event car park towards the iron railings that surround the boating lake (9). Look at the signs on the railings and gate.

  1. Please don’t feed _ _ _ _ _ to the ducks!

Go through the gate and look at the statue of the lion.

  1. What is the name of the lion beside the boating lake café?

The lion sculpture was made for the children’s zoo in 1973 but the zoo was never built.

On the wall between the café and the boathouse is a poster about the birds that can be seen on the boating lake.

  1. What country do the Geese come from?

You can hire boats and pedalos from the boathouse in the summer. Look at the price list.

  1. What ‘animal’ pedalos are coloured white?
  2. What is the maximum number of people a boat can carry?

Walk past the  boathouse and follow the path as it curves around the boating lake on your left.  There are small wooden viewing platforms at the edge of the boating lake where you can get good views of the water birds.

At the far side of the boating lake are two large playgrounds (10) and a skate park.

Leave the boating lake and walk past the playground  towards the skate park.

Turn left and walk towards the road. As you reach the road you will see wooden posts along the pavement and a white barrier. The post nearest the barrier has two yellow signs fixed to it.

  1. What large letter is on the top yellow sign?


Turn right and follow the road alongside Alexandra Palace back to the car park where the walk began.


Click Here to download a pdf of the quiz walk and answers 

Click Here to download a pdf of photo clues to help you and your Mayhems 

Papa’s Facts
Did You Know That:

Alexandra Palace is nicknamed ‘Alley Pally’.


Originally Alexandra Palace was going to be named ‘The Palace of The People’ but was changed to honour Princess Alexandra. When her husband became King Edward VII she became Queen Alexandra.

The ‘Ally Pally Angel’ looking out from the roof of the building is the Roman goddess Ceres. She holds a laurel wreath with a corn sheaf and has a ‘horn of plenty’ at her feet.

Alexandra Palace has had 2 large fires.  The first 16 days after it was opened in 1873, and the second in 1980.

The nickname of The Alexandra Park Racecourse was the Frying Pan because of its shape.

The BBC transmitter mast is 460 feet above sea level.

ally pally3

The first programmes to be broadcast were introduced by one of the very first presenters, Elizabeth Cowell, with the words “This is direct television from Alexandra Palace”.


1   2nd November 1936 2  1914 -1919 3   Sloper
4   4 telescopes 5  Palm Court 6   Spa and Health Club
7   6 8   Meeson house 9   2 dinosaurs
10  A Veteran Tree 11  Lesser Spotted 12  345
13  1/2 mile 14  Paddock 15  C
16  bread 17  Leo 18  Canada
19  Swan 20 4 21  H

Getting There Alexandra Palace Way, London, N22 7AY
The walk starts by the Ice Rink and BBC transmitter car park. All car parks are free
Google see map or get directions

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