Potette Plus – Travelling Potty – Review

potette1Our granddaughter suddenly decided that she has had enough of nappies and wants to use the big people’s toilet. She took to using a training seat really quickly and now the morning can be taken up with her continually asking to use the toilet.  I think what she really likes is using up the toilet paper and flushing the toilet!

Having a toilet trained toddler does have its downside.  I have learnt to keep a towel on the child seat to absorb the results of  ‘need wee wee’ while I am driving.


Luckily we were lent a Potette Plus and some absorbent liners so we could go out on trips with our grandaughter.  She was a bit hesitant as she usually uses a trainer seat rather than a potty but she did use the Potette successfully.

The Potette is lovely and light and comes in its own bag.

It folds flat and has 2 legs that open out and should lock into place, either at right angles for use as a potty, or flat to use as a trainer seat.

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Stupidly I had not tried it out before hand and the first time I used it I could not get the legs to engage properly so it partly collapsed.  There is a knack to folding and unfolding the legs so they lock and unlock properly so make sure you have practised before you use it in earnest.  The website at Bibs and Stuff suggests you wash the potette in washing up liquid before use as it will make the hinges easier to use.

The liner bags are quite strong and have an absorbent insert, like a small ‘sanitary towel’, at the bottom to soak up all the liquid.  When the toddler has finished you can remove the bag, tie it up and it should be watertight so that you can just carry it with you until you can find somewhere appropriate to dispose it.

You can prepare the potty with up to 3 liners so that you don’t have to fiddle with it while you have a desperate child at your side.  The liners are come in packs of 30 and work out at about 35-40p each.

Having tried out the potette I will be getting one of my own.  You can buy them on line directly from Bibs and Stuff  or from the major baby goods retailers for about £14.

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