Pop Up Play Tents – great for saving space

pop up play tent1 When the kids arrive all the toys come out and mayhem ensues. When they leave it can take ages to tidy up.

This is where pop up toys are brilliant.  No more dismantling and losing critical parts during storage.  The toys fold up flat with ease  and can be stored under a bed or behind a wardrobe.  They are ready to use in an instant when the kids visit again.

Toy shops and large supermarkets usually have a wide variety of shapes and sizes of pop up toys and they are also widely available on line.


Our Hello Kitty Dome Play Tent is a bit light and blows about in the garden but is great for indoors. Other designs are more suitable for the garden.  You can even buy pop up suntents which are a  lot easier to put than a traditional sun parasol

pop up play tent2

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