Quiz Walk : The Peak, Hong Kong

A delightful walk with superb views north from Lugard Road toward Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong and Kowloon. You will see Aberdeen and Lamma Island to the south from Harlech Road.
A level buggy friendly walk about 3.5 Km (2 miles) – plenty of cafes and restaurants at the start of the route.

peak HK quiz walk

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Start outside the entrance to the Visitor Centre which is in the vintage tram carriage at The Peak Piazza (between The Peak Tower and The Peak Galleria) 1

  1. 1.   What colour is the junk (sailing boat) on the red sign by the door of the visitor centre?   

Cross the road to ‘The Peak Lookout’ restaurant and turn right.

  1. 2.   What colour is the post box outside the restaurant?

Cross the two small roads and look at the signpost by the side of The Peak Tower.

  1. 3.   How many minutes is it to Lugard Road Lookout?

Turn left and walk to the Lugard Road / Hong Kong Trail road signs by the metal railings.

  1. 4.   How many people are ‘hiking’ on The Hong Kong Trail sign?

Carry on to the footpath at the end of the railings and turn right onto this path. You will pass a white building on your left. 2

Look at the sign above the door.

  1. 5.   What company does this building belong to?


You are now on The Peak Circle Walk.  The first part of the walk is also The Pok Fu Lam Tree Walk.

Take your time and enjoy the superb views over Hong Kong and Victoria Harbour. You will see information boards on the route where you will find some of the answers to the questions.

  1. 6.   Local tradition says that Victoria Peak was originally called ‘Ngan Tau Shan’. What does it mean?

The Hong Kong Trail has distance markers every 500m. Look for one of the markers as you walk along the path.

  1. 7.   What letter of the alphabet comes before the 3 numbers on each post?

This is a favourite place to walk dogs. Along the path you will see ‘dog toilets/latrines’

  1. 8.   What colour is the sign for the dog latrine?
  2. 9.   Look at the information board about butterflies. What is the full name of the Pansy butterfly?

10. Lugard Road was named after the 14th Governor of Hong Kong. What was his first name?

11. A large tree makes an arch over the path. What sort of tree is it?

Near the end of Lugard Road you will see some large houses built on either side of the path. 3

12. What number house has its back entrance on the path?

13. What is the name of the mansion at 30 Lugard Road

After passing the entrance to the houses on Lugard Road the path bends round and meets Harlech Road and Hatton Road. There is a Pavilion, seating area and outdoor gym equipment here. 4

At the junction of the 3 roads turn left and continue along Harlech Road. Follow the sign to the Peak Tram Station.

14. How far in Km is the Peak Tram Station

15. You are walking alongside a fitness trail. Is it a morning or evening trail?

16. Just before you reach the fitness apparatus you will see 2 triangular street signs. The bottom one is to warn about bumps in the road. What is pictured on the top triangle?

After you have gone past the fitness apparatus you will see a waterfall on your left. The water feeds into a large reservoir in the valley below you. 5

17. What is the name of the reservoir you can see below you?

Papa’s  Facts
Did You Know That:

Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island

The Peak Tram Funicular Railway opened in 1888. Before that people had to be carried up to the houses on The Peak in sedan chairs.

The Peak Lookout Restaurant was originally built in 1888 as a rest place and workshop for British engineers.

The route of The Peak Tram is about 1.4 kilometres long and has four intermediate stops on the route

The full Hong Kong Trail is  50 kilometres long and loops around Hong Kong Island starting at Victoria Peak and ending in Big Wave Bay.



1) white    2) green  3) 20mins  4) 2  
 5) Peak Tramways Company  6) Stiff Head Hill      7) H 8) Yellow 
9) Peacock  10) Frederick 11) Indian Rubber Tree 12) 28 
13) Hirst Mansion  14) 2¼ km 15) Morning
16) An adult and child holding hands  17) Pok Fu Lam

Getting There The Peak Plaza, in front of The Peak Galleria shops, bus and taxi station -118 Peak Road  
Google see map or get directions

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