Painting With Nail Varnish

We were looking for items for the nature table at the nursery and found some pine cones. When we got home Abbie wanted to paint them but instead of getting busy with all the painting equipment we used nail varnish instead.

nail varnish painting 4

We usually have several colours of nail varnish at home and have discovered it is a fast and easy way to decorate things. Every bottle comes with its own brush, the varnish dries quickly and there is very little clearing up.  Just make sure you have plenty of nail varnish remover and cotton wool pads to hand.

nail varnish painting 2We have also used nail varnish to decorate bottles. It is a great idea to put battery operated tea lights in the bottles and place them outside at night.


nail varnish painting 3 nail varnish painting 5


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