The Ocean Star Oil Rig, Galveston,Texas

Finally Papa Joe has made it onto an oil rig!

Papa Joe worked for years in the oil industry and had visited oil refineries but never managed to visit an off shore oil rig. So he was really excited to go on board The Ocean Star which is now a museum.

ocean star rig 3Like Papa Joe, The Ocean Star Oil Rig has also retired. During its working life it spent 20 years drilling for oil in The Gulf of Mexico and is now relaxing in retirement anchored beside Pier 19 on Galveston Island.

It has been transformed into an interpretive centre about the offshore oil and gas industry.

The highlight of the trip was being able to walk out onto the drill floor and look at the actual equipment that was used to extract oil from under the sea bed. It is not until you get up close you appreciate the size of the drill bits and pipes. The pipes look tiny but are actually 30 feet long.

ocean star rig 1 ocean star rig 7

The escape equipment did seem compact but is designed to fit 28 people inside the pod. Thank goodness we did not have to use it, nor would I have liked to be lowered from a helicopter in the net!

ocean star rig 8

Helicopter Net and Escape Pod

As we looked across Galveston Channel we could see several new rigs being built on the opposite shore. They are massive.

ocean star rig 5

We also wandered inside the rig. The offices and living quarters which have been transformed into an interactive centre with mock ups of the living quarters.

ocean star rig 4

There are displays and films to explain how the rigs are built and how oil was formed and it is now extracted.

The Mayhems were given a ‘passport’ with things to look out for and quizzes to try. They could even make a fossil rubbing.

DSCF5809 ocean star rig 9

We were all fascinated by the large model which had been built around one of the central columns which showed the sea flow, oil rigs and support ships

ocean star rig 2

We had a great visit and afterwards spent time looking at The Elissa , a historic tall ship anchored nearby, and  wandering around historic Galveston.

Suitable for all 8+


Where: Pier 19, Harborside Drive, Galveston, TX 77550
Admission: under 6 FREE, senior discount
Facilities: small shop, elevator
Website: www.oceanstaroec.com


Getting There Pier 19, Harborside Drive, Galveston, TX 77550 
Google see map or get directions

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