New car = new ‘Quinny Zapp Stroller’

quinny_zap_in_boot“Brilliant, very cleverly engineered”  Papa Joe said as we unpacked our new Quinny Zapp Stroller.  Men seem to notice things like that.

Our previous buggy was just a fraction too long to get into the boot of our new car.  After a lot of research we found 2 buggies in our price range that would fit.

We settled on the ‘Quinny Zapp Stroller’ which is sold exclusively by Kiddicare.  It folds up easily, and at 70 x 25 x 29 cm when folded, goes into the boot of the new car and still leaves room in the boot for shopping.  It weighs 7.8Kg.

The other plus for us is that the stroller converts so that it can be used with an infant car seat, which will soon come in handy !  It also comes complete with sunhood, raincover and shopping basket.  The stroller’s main disadvantage is that the seat does not recline.

We put the stroller together very quickly and after some practice soon got the knack of collapsing it.  There are very clear numbers which show the order to put it up and down.

We then tried to convert the stroller for the infant carrier.  The instruction book was not very clear about how to remove the fabric seat and we were getting a little frustrated.  However the Quinny website has service instructions and videos for their products so we finally succeeded.  We then converted the stroller back again.


quinny_zap_assemble 2


quinny_zap_baby carrier








Thank goodness for the Internet!


We then tried The Quinny Zap Stroller out with our granddaughter.  Unfolded it was 81 x 59 x 102 cm which was just a comfortable height for us.  The front wheel swiveled easily and the stroller was very easy to maneuver.

As we whirled her around it I think she liked it.



We bought our ‘Quinny Zapp Stroller’  from Kiddicare.  It was on offer at £97.00   (RRP: £160.00)

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  2. Angela Pepper

    Love your new website.


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