New car = new buggy

micradaisyWe finally decided to pension off our trusty blue Nissan Micra after 11 years of sterling service.  Both our girls used it and our elder daughter still drives it when she and our grandchildren come from Hong Kong and stay with us. (That is Daisy in the picture building her first snowman)

The Micra only has 2 doors and even though the grandchildren are getting bigger and can scramble into the back it is still difficult to strap them into it.  So after the snow this spring we decided to change it for a similar sized 4 door Hyundai I10.

We hit a problem when we discovered our buggy is 3 cm too long and impossible to fit into the boot.  Most modern buggies seem to be 104 cm or longer when folded up.  After trawling the Internet we came up with 2 possible buggies for under £100 that might be suitable.  One was the Mothercare  ‘Mino Stroller’, which folds down to 83 cm and the other is ‘Quinny Zapp Stroller’ which folds to 70cm and is sold by Kiddicare.

We like to try things out before we buy and luckily Kiddicare has just opened a store near us.  Emily from Kiddicare Enfield was brilliant, making several trips out to the car to help us try out several alternatives and we decided that the Quinny Zapp Stroller was most suited.  Then we went off to Mothercare at Edmonton and had help from several people.  We liked the Mino as well so now we have to decide which one will suit us.

Watch this space

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