Never too young to garden

gardeningGrow bags – the gardening type not the grobags sleep bag! – are always useful to keep the grandchildren amused. All you need are the old bags, some gardening tools and some flowering bedding plants for instant colour.

My neighbour used the grow bag from last year’s tomato crop to make the mini garden for her grandchildren.  She enlarged the holes in the top of the bag, then Tamara (age 8), Ella (age 6) and Lianna (age 4) had a great time planting some pansies and sowing seeds.

They then had even more fun filling the watering can and watering the plants and themselves.

It is a good idea to have a small watering can which won’t get too heavy for the children to carry, especially if you are doing this with toddlers.  My 20 month old grandchild loves watering the plants.

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