Making Shakers


Tip number 1.
Don’t use a full bag of red lentils!

I had been saving this activity for a rainy day and so tried it out today as I was looking after Abbie while my daughter made a birthday cake for Abbie’s 2nd birthday.

Abbie goes to a couple of music groups and enjoys playing with the maracas so I thought she might enjoy making her own.



Tip number 2.
Get all the equipment out and ready to use before a little one sees it


As I went to get the sellotape Abbie carefully tipped all the lentils out over her table.  Never mind we had as much fun clearing up as making the shakers


I used:
2 containers the same size and shape e.g. plastic dessert dishes or plastic cups.
Some type of hard filling. Dried pasta or beans are ideal but skip the lentils. Different fillings will make different sounds.
1″ wide sellotape or masking tape.  Wider than 1″ will work but narrower may give you problems
stickers for decoration
(optional) felt tip pens for decoration
some bouncy music to shake and dance to.

Fill the first container with the dried beans/pasta, then place the second container upside on top of the first one.

Tightly hold the two containers together and seal them together with either sellotape or masking tape so none of the filling can escape.


Decorate with stickers.

If you have used masking tape  you can decorate the tape with felt tip pens.


Put the music on and dance.









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