Making Fridge Magnets

magnet3Magnets seem to be a fascinating play thing for young children. When the munchkins come round they are always fascinated by my fridge magnets.

As soon as they could toddle over to the fridge the magnets would get moved around and and I end up with the pictures and notes they were securing firmly on the floor!

Recently I have been experimenting with making my own picture magnets to go with my home made magnetic travel trays.

magnet5The simplest way is to buy a roll of magnet self adhesive tape. It is available on line, and in craft shops and some stationers. The rolls of tape come in different widths and lengths.

It is easy to use and children should be able to make their picture own magnets with it.

Just cut the tape to the length you need, peel the backing off and stick it to the object you want to mount. The roll cuts easily with scissors or knife.

A good idea is to use sticky back plastic cover to the face of the picture first before using the tape. This strengthens the picture.

You can make pictures using your computer into magnets.

If you use award charts this is a great way to personalise the chart for the children.

 magnets2If you have an ink jet printer you can buy special magnetic paper to print your pictures directly on to.

Laser printers may be damaged by the magnetic paper so be careful! 

I also found that I needed an Inkjet printer with a manual tray feed. My colour printer would not feed the special paper through when I loaded the paper in the normal tray so had to use an old black and white printer instead which had that type of feed


The magnetic photo paper cuts easily with a scissors.

I ended up with a lot of small off cuts after cutting out my pictures. If you put glue on the white side you can then stick the off cuts to pictures in the same way as the magnetic tape.

The magnetic printer paper is not a strong magnet but is fine for using with thin card or paper.





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