Make Your Own Magnetic Travelling Tray

Recently I came across a great idea for making your own travelling magnetic travelling tray. The Mayhems have great fun with Tiger Tribe magnetic playbooks. These are Australian so if you are visiting there stock up otherwise try making your own travelling magnetic kit.magnetic travel tray1

It is such a simple idea. All you need are some magnets and a baking tray or cake tin which is made from steel and is magnetic! You can even make your own magnets using special magnetic paper.

Use a baking tin with high sides which can be held on a lap. I place two strong magnets inside a pencil case to hold it to the tray and use a magnetic clip to hold a note pad in place.

magnetic travel tray2I also use this idea at home. Our grandchildren love playing with our fridge magnets but I don’t always want them playing in the kitchen when I am cooking.

I like to use a flat baking tray but if yours are as scratched as mine you may like to cover them with thin paper. Even weak magnets will work through the paper.


magnetic travel tray3

As you can see it even works when turned upside down!








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