Magic Plastic Balloon Tube

magic balloon 1

Oh how I longed for a magic balloon kit every time I went to the famous Hamleys Toy Store In London as a child. They always had demonstrators making these incredible ‘plastic’ balloons but I was never allowed to have one. Finally after ???? years I got my wish and had a go!

My granddaughters had been give tubes of the special magic balloon resin as a present. The kit comes with a pipe and you put a small blob of the resin on the end and blow. Of course I had to try it out first to make sure it was safe!

I eventually let my granddaughters have a go. They soon got the hang of blowing the balloons and once they mastered the technique of not knocking the expanded resin against any thing were soon running around with balloons.

It was a great activity and attracted the attention of all their friends in the playground who came crowding around. It also brought back memories for some of the other parents who were there.

The tubes come in different colours. We used red and yellow resin.

Hamleys still sell the original kit, and you can buy similar kits from a variety of stores.

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