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kiddiIt is ages since I have seen Pam.  We used to stand chatting at the school gate, I won’t say how many years ago. So when we saw her and Steve at Kiddicare Enfield we had to have a long chat about children, grandchildren, baby monitors and buggies.

I don’t know why we did not go and get a coffee in the Kiddicare restaurant.  It was bright and clean with plenty of comfortable seating and if only we had had the grandchildren with us they could have amused themselves in the special play area.  I was pleased to see that the childrens menu included food for babies such as Hipp Organic Baby food

As we wandered around, as well as a large well displayed range of things to buy, we noticed some great features. The toilets are large, bright and colourful and have parent and child toilets next to each other.  My daughter’s bête noire are cramped baby feeding areas in toilets.  Here the feeding areas are large and away from the toilets.

There is an Event Room which  has baby, toddler and pre-school groups every day.  On Saturdays you can hire the room for parties.

The store guide lists all the facilities.

If you have a kiddicare store in your area go and have a look, (store locator)  I think you will find it worthwhile.

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