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Activities, Interesting Places, Road Trips, Walks – Try out some of our suggestion for the times when The Mayhems are elsewhere.

  • The Tank Museum – Bovington- Dorset
    Watch out – Papa Joe takes command of a Chieftain Tank! We then watched the Tanks In Action Display which was takes place at in the outdoor arena. It was thrilling watching the tanks speed around the arena. You can also pay for a ride around […]
  • Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath
    It had seemed such a good idea to blow the cobwebs away and have a walk on Hampstead Heath but we were blown off our feet. Luckily Kenwood House is on the north part of the heath and we found shelter from the gale force wind there. What a delight! […]
  • Hong Kong Ferries- a great way to explore
     No visit to Hong Kong would be complete without taking at least one ride across Victoria Harbour on an iconic Star Ferry. But Papa and I also love riding on some of the other ferry routes across the harbour or to the outlying islands. At the […]
  • Houston we have lift off!
    Watching the space walk by the  UK astronaut Tim Peake brought back memories of the brilliant visit that Papa Joe and I made to Space Center Houston during our amazing Texas road trip. We had to book well in advance for The Behind-the-Scenes […]
  • Mystic Seaport – An Amazing Maritime Museum
    I have no head for heights and Papa Joe is the same so we both watched with admiration as the crew unfurled the sails on the training ship Joseph Conrad.  We were spending the day at Mystic Seaport, the largest maritime museum in the USA. There were […]
  • Historic Dockyard Chatham
    From sailing ships to submarines – The Royal Dockyard at Chatham has been building and repairing ships for The Royal Navy from 1570 in Queen Elizabeth I’s reign through to Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. The dockyard is spread over 80 […]
  • Boston – first stop on our New England Roadtrip
    Boston did not want us to leave – as we started our New England Road Trip the heavens opened making it hard to drive away! We loved Boston, a city that is easy to explore and an ideal place to get over jetlag. […]
  • Papa Joe and Grandma Jacqui’s New England Road Trip
    Papa Joe and I decided to combine a wedding in Connecticut with a road trip. We flew to Boston, drove to the wedding, and then took 2 weeks to explore New England. The wedding was at the end of August so we were just before the main […]
  • USS Lexington – experience life on an aircraft carrier
    Papa Joe and I were on our road trip driving along the Texas Gulf Coast when we visited The USS Lexington, a decommissioned aircraft carrier. The ship was built during WWII and now has a new lease of life as naval aviation museum. There is a lot to […]
  • Texas – Papa Joe and Grandma Jacqui’s Road Trip
    A family wedding in Denver – whoops – the direct flights from the UK are fully booked! OK – let’s use some lateral thinking and go via Texas – not the most obvious routing but it worked for us and we had a superb road […]
  • Unusual Israel
    Where in the world can you find the following places to take The Mayhems which are all within 60 miles of each other? a museum dedicated to Japanese Art a wonderful collection of Salvador Dali’s bronzes hot springs to swim in complete with […]
  • British Museum- tips for your visit
    Papa Joe and I always enjoy wandering around anyof the 95 galleries in The British Museum which are full of interesting objects from all around the world. Don’t let it’s name mislead you as the museum is not about the history of Great […]
  • Unwinding in Vancouver, Canada
    Vancouver – what a great place to unwind in – compact, easy to get around with great scenery on the doorstep as well as a lot of diverse districts with interesting food to be had. Papa Joe and I always need a few days to unwind after a […]
  • Denver Art Gallery, Colorado
    Denver is a fun city especially if like Papa Joe and myself you find yourself visiting during the crazy Denver Zombie Crawl – how many Zombies make a weird world record? We saw some great art work as we walked through the crowds, with people […]
  • JFK, LBJ and Texas
    Papa Joe and I can remember what we were doing when the fatal shot was fired in Dallas – yes we are that old and no I am not talking about JR of TV fame, but President Kennedy. The places we visited are probably most suited for the Papas and […]
  • The Imperial War Museum (IWM) London
    Recently our friend David took his 7 year old granddaughter Olivia to The Imperial War Museum (IWM) and told us how much she enjoyed it. The museum is themed and explores modern warfare from the First World War through to today’s conflicts. […]
  • Papa Joe and Grandma Jacqui’s Pacific West Coast Road trip
    Now for a confession – this was just Papa Joe and myself on the road trip – we left all our Mayhems at home with their parents! BUT we did look for child friendly places to visit on our route to share with you. We flew to Vancouver at the end […]
  • Utah’s Mighty Five
    Recently we went to a travel exhibition to get some good ideas of where to take the grandchildren. We met some great people including Joyce from the Convention and Tourism Office in St George, Utah. Now Joyce knows a thing or two about grandchildren […]